Behringer B315A DJ Equipment user guide

EUROLIVE B312A/B315A User Manual

The LINK OUTPUT is directly connected to the inputs of the B312A/B315A and carries the input signal with no processing applied. In this way, you can route the signal to the input of another device (for example, a second


[4] To set the volume of the LINE or MIC signal, use the

LEVEL control. The left half of the control range is for attenuating the LINE signal. The right half is for raising the level of the MIC signal.

[5] The CLIP LED lights up when signal distortion occurs.

Reduce the volume with the LEVEL control until the CLIP

LED does not light up any more, or occasionally lights up at signal peaks.

? We would like to draw your attention to the fact that extremely loud sound levels may damage your hearing as well as your headphones/loudspeakers. Turn the LEVEL control fully to the left before you switch on the unit.

Be careful to select a suitable volume at all times.

[6] The HIGH control adjusts the high-frequency range.

[7] Use the LOW control to raise the level of the low-frequency

[8] The PWR LED lights up when the loudspeaker is put into operation.

Fig.2.2: Control elements and connections B312A and B315A)

You can replace fuses at the FUSE SWITCH of the

B312A/B315A. Always replace fuses with the same type.

Please follow the instructions given in the chapter


[10] The mains connection is established using a cable with an IEC mains connector. This cable is delivered with the

B312A/B315A. To avoid ground-loop hum, loudspeakers and mixing consoles should be connected to the same power

[11] Press POWER to turn on your B312A/B315A.

? The POWER switch does not fully disconnect the unit from the mains. To disconnect the unit from the mains, pull out the main cable plug or appliance coupler. When installing the product, ensure the plug or appliance coupler is readily operable. Unplug the power cord completely when the unit is not used for prolonged periods of time.

[12] Serial number

3. Application Examples

4. Installation

? Turn the LEVEL control fully to the left before you switch on the unit with the POWER switch. Then, raise the volume to a suitable level.

Both audio inputs of the BEHRINGER B312A/B315A and the

LINK OUTPUT connector are fully balanced. To maximize interference compensation, try to establish balanced connections to other equipment, whenever possible.

3.1 Using a mixing console

A common way to use 2 B312A/B315A loudspeakers is with a mixing console. In this case, connect each of the main outputs that are on the mixing console to a B312A/B315A loudspeaker.

The B312A/B315A includes XLR and " connectors. To avoid interference, use only XLR or " jack cables.

3.2 Using several B312A/B315A loudspeakers


Fig. 4.1: " TRS connector



Output Left

Output Right


Fig. 3.1: Wiring several B312A/B315A loudspeakers using the LINK

OUTPUT connector

For larger rooms, you can connect several B312A/B315A speakers using the LINK OUTPUT connector {3} (see fig. 3.1).

3.3 Direct connection of a stereo signal source

When you use two B312A/B315A loudspeakers, you can directly connect one stereo signal source, for example, a CD player.

In this case, each of the speakers is connected to 1 signal-source output. (If necessary, use the appropriate adaptor.)

Fig. 4.2: XLR connectors

? Make sure that only competent people install your

B312A/B315A. They must be sufficiently earthed during and after the installation process. Otherwise, electrostatic discharges may negatively affect the operating characteristics of your equipment.

EUROLIVE B312A/B315A User Manual

EUROLIVE B312A/B315A User Manual

5. Specifications

Output power

Low-frequency range

RMS @ 1% THD

Peak power

High-frequency range

RMS @ 1% THD

Peak power

200 W @ 8 ?

320 W @ 8 ?

50 W @ 8 ?

80 W @ 8 ?

-40 to +4 dBu

Link output approx. 53.4 lb. (approx. 24.2 kg) approx. 61.8 lb. (approx. 28.0 kg) efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice.

Specifications and appearan