Boston Acoustics VOYAGER 5 Portable Speaker user guide

Ing to music with your amplifier set to MONO, reverse the connections at one speaker only. Youll hear a dramatic change in sound. The connection that yields the fuller bass and louder sound is correct.

Listening Levels and Power Handling

The listed power recommendations assume you will operate your system in a way that will not produce distortion. Even these rugged speakers can be damaged by a modest amplifier if it produces distortion. If you hear a harsh, gritty noise, turn down the volume. Prolonged or repeated operation of your speaker with a distorted signal from the amplifier can cause damage that is not covered by the warranty.

How to Place Your Speakers

Placement is one of the most important factors for sound quality. Taking a few minutes to place your speakers correctly ensures that your speakers will sound best in any indoor or outdoor environment. For best stereo effect, separate the speakers by at least 3-6 ft. (1-2m). Typically, placement near a wall or other surface will increase the bass output of the speaker. Corner placement will give still more bass. Outdoors, placement under the eaves of a roof reduces exposure to constant direct sunlight and precipitation, which will extend the speakers life.

Placement under the eaves or on a wall near the ground will increase bass. In situations where you need to avoid disturbing neighbors, you may wish to install the speakers on a post or railing facing the house and listening area (the sound area will be more contained).

Mounting the speakers

Before running permanent wires and mounting the speaker, you may wish to test the speaker placement first for coverage and good stereo

Use the supplied bracket to mount the speaker vertically or horizontally on walls or other surfaces.

The bracket includes keyhole sockets and other holes to suit a variety of hardware. Consult a knowledgeable person about the best hardware to use for your particular wall surface.

For mounting, remove the bracket from the speaker.

If running wires, you may wish to route the wiring through the brackets large middle hole; the bracket will cover the hole in the wall. Mount the bracket and attach the speaker. Adjust the speaker to face the listening area.

Alternatively, you may use mounting brackets made by other companies. The 1 ?420 threaded inserts for the knob match various brackets and mounting plates. The Voyager 7 includes two more inserts on the rear of the cabinet. Consult your dealer or the bracket manufacturer for more information.

Mounting Options

Voyager 7

All other models

Insert Size

Insert Location

Top, Bottom,

Top and Bottom and 2 on rear, 3" (76.2mm) apart

Voyager 7 mounting inserts

Public address installations

The Voyager models include internal screw holes for 70V matching transformers used in professional PA installations. These holes are designed for transformers with two mounting points spaced 2-3" (52-76mm) apart (Voyager 4,5, and 7) and for a transformer adaptor plate with four holes (Voyager 6 and Metro). Use self-tapping #6 x 3/8" screws (metric equivalent: M3.5 x 10mm).

To mount a transformer, remove the speaker grille (see above), and then remove the recessed screws holding the front baffle. Connect the transformer wires with wire nuts or solder. Test the speaker and reattach the front baffle, making sure the sealing gasket is in place. Do not overtighten the recessed screws, or the plastic screw threads will strip.


Voyager speakers require no more than occasional dusting or wiping with a soft cloth. When the speakers are installed in hard-to-reach locations, you may brush them with a soft broom. Avoid directing a garden hose at the speakerit can damage the drivers or dislodge the wiring.

If Service Seems Necessary

First, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the speakers. If that is not possible, write to:

We will promptly advise you of what action to take.

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