Cuisinart CBT500L Blender user guide

And place it flat on a sturdy surface.

6. Locking Ring

Is self-aligning so that the glass blender jar slides easily into position.

8. Push-Button Controls a. On/Off Buttons c. Pulse Button

Allows you to pulse at High or Low speeds, so you can blend ingredients only as much as needed. d. Ice Crush Button

Press on and begin crushing. This button is preset to the best speed for crushing ice.

2. Position the rubber gasket (b) on the round opening on the bottom of the blender jar.

3. Turn the cutting assembly (c) upside down, and place the blade end in the blender jar opening.

Note: Blades are sharp handle carefully.

4. Secure the rubber gasket and cutting assembly into position by placing the smaller opening of the locking ring

(d) on top of the cutting assembly.

Engage threads by twisting the locking ring clockwise until tightened. Make sure locking ring is tightly fastened to blender jar.

Once assembled, turn the blender jar right-side up.

7. Count-Up Timer

Five-minute timer times your recipes for perfect results. b. High and Low Buttons

Choose High or Low speed to blend the ingredients to the desired consistency. Red LED lights will indicate which speed you are using.

To use your Cuisinart SmartPower

Premier 600-Watt Blender, begin by assembling the blender jar.

Push the cover onto the top of the blender jar. Push the measured pour lid into the cover.

Place the blender jar on the motor base so that the jar markings are facing you and the handle is positioned to one side.

Plug in power cord. Your blender is now ready to be used.


Once the cover is in position, additional ingredients can be added during blending by simply lifting the measured pour lid, adding ingredients, and replacing the measured pour lid.

Cover should always be in place while the unit is on.

QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE activate blender begin blending change speeds

Press On The blender is in On mode.

Press desired speed button.

Press desired speed button.

In On mode press Pulse, then press and release desired speed button as

In On mode, press and release

Ice Crush button as needed.

Press Off button.

Warning: Do not place blender jar onto base while motor is running.

Do not twist locking ring from blender jar when removing blender jar from base. Simply lift blender jar from motor base.

Boiling liquid or solid frozen foods (with the exception of ice cubes or

-inch [1.3 cm] pieces of frozen fruit) should never be placed in the blender jar.

Do not place ice, frozen foods or very cold liquids into a blender jar which has come directly from a hot dishwasher.

To crush ice

To stop blending

(and deactivate blender)

To stop blending

(in high or low speeds and pause timer)

To stop blending

(in Pulse or Ice Crush Mode)

Do not place very hot liquids or foods in a blender jar which has come directly from the freezer. Boiling liquids should cool for 5 minutes before being placed in blender jar.

Follow Cleaning and Maintenance instructions on page 7, prior to your first use.

Place the motor base of your Cuisinart SmartPower Premier

600-Watt Blender onto a flat, sturdy surface. It is important that the surface be clean and dry. Assemble the blender by following the assembly instructions. Once the jar is assembled and is in position on the motor base, plug the Cuisinart SmartPower Premier

600-Watt Blender into an electrical outlet.

Press High or Low button.

Release button.


Refer to this guide to choose the best speed for your desired result.


Reconstituting frozen juice concentrate

Smooth and full-bodied


Thick and creamy

Salad dressings

Low or High

Completely blended and emulsified

Nuts (shelled,

cup or less at a time)

Pulse to chop

Coarse to fine

Heavy or whipping cream

Low pulse

Thick creamy topping

Bread, cookies or crackers

(add " pieces, 1 cup or less at a time)

Low pulse, then blend

Coarse to fine as desired

Grating/chopping citrus zest (add 1 to 2 tsp. sugar or salt from recipe)

Low pulse/blend

Uniformly fine

Smoothies, shakes, health drinks

Smooth, creamy and thick

Baby food/fruit and vegetable pure

Smooth and creamy

Thick and slushy

Add all necessary ingredients to the blender jar, and replace the cover.

You may add more ingredients by lifting the measured pour lid and dropping ingredients through the fill area. Replace the measured pour lid after adding ingredients. Do not place hands in blender jar with blender plugged in.

Note: Add liquid ingredients first, then follow with solid ingredients. This will provide more consistent blending and prevent unnecessary stress on the

Note: To remove blender jar cover, lift edge of cover upward. Lifting measured pour lid will not remove cover.

Frozen cockt