Daewoo DLT-37G1 Flat Panel Television user guide

Contains water - for example a vase,flower pot,etc.- near to a cause of fire or hazardous electric shock.

To prevent fire and damages to the product, unplug the unit from the outlet during a lightning storm, or when it is left unattended and unused for a long period of time electric shock hazards

Slots and openings in the case are provided for ventilation to ensure reliable operation of the product.

Neverputinanyitems-suchascoins, paper, matches- through these openings as they may touch dangerous voltage points that could result in fire or shock hazard.

Do not let children hang on to or climb on the product since it may cause serious injury.

Hold the plug when unplugging the unit from the outlet.

The lead may cause fire or electric shock if damaged.

Do not cause the product to lean or put it in an unstable positon because if it falls it may cause serious injury to a person, as well as damage to the product if it falls.

Do not put volatile substances such as benzene,naphthanear the product since it may cause a change in the products colour.

Do not spill water or drop the remote controll since it may cause a malfunction.

This section must be read carefully and followed by the user prior to the operation of the product.

The manual states important instructions for the users own safety, and the proper operation of the product.

Ignoring or disregarding the contents of this section and improper operation of the product may result in the persons death or serious injury.

Please keep the users manual in a safe place for future reference.

Do not view the TV too closely since it may cause damage to your eyes.

Refer servicing to qualified service personnel for cleaning at least once a year since dust inside the TV set may result in a fire or malfunction of the product. prevented,and it may cause a fire if the product is internally overheated.

The product should be situated away from any heat sourcesuch as radiators, heat registers,stoves,or other products that produce heat.

Do not put heavy items on the power lead since it may result in a fire or hazardous electric shock if the lead is

Please be aware of electric wires and cables when installing the antenna. It may be a cause of hazardous electric shock and fire if the antenna touches or falls on the electric wire; thus, it must be installed firmly, and far away from the cables.

Unplug the power from the two people must work together to move the TV set when transporting to prevent the

TV from falling and consequently, any serious injury or damage.

Do not touch the power lead

with moisturised or wet hands when plugging to or unpluggingfromtheoutletsinceitmay cause an electric shock.

Do not expose the product to a dusty or moisturised place since it may cause malfunction.

Installation and Maintenance

Antenna Connection ... ... ...

Video Connection ... ... ... . .

Camcorder & Video Game Connection

DVD Player Connection ... ... . .

STB (Set Top Box) Connection ... . .

PC Connection ... ... ... ...

Cable TV Broadcasting Connection . . .

Connect with the Dolby Digital AMP . .

Name of Each Part ... ... ... .