Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner user guide

Use less energy than standard air conditioners reducing your energy usage, and ultimately lowering your utility bills.Features three different fan speeds, for more cooling flexibility.Maximum comfort throughout the evening hours with the added benefit of energy savings. With Sleep Mode, the temperature gradually increases a few degrees over the evening.
Evaporator during normal operation.

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Operating Instructions

Using Air Conditioner

To begin operating the air conditioner, follow these steps:

Set the temperature selector to the highest number (Max Cool).

Set the mode control to the hi cool setting.

Adjust the louvers for comfortable air flow (see Air Directional Louvers).

Once the room has cooled, adjust the temperature selector to the setting you find most comfortable.

Review the Operating Instructions section for other settings.

Operating Instructions

The controls featured in this manual are representative of many available models. Your model may offer slightly different features.

Temperature Selector

This is used to set the desired room temperature when the unit is being operated in the COOL MODE.

To set the desired room temperature, rotate the selector switch to the desired setting. After the set temperature is achieved, the thermostat will automatically start and stop the compressor in order to maintain the desired set temperature.

Rotate the temperature selector clockwise for higher cool setting. Higher cool settings will provide lower room temperature.

Rotate the temperature selector counter-clockwise for lower cool settings. Lower cool settings will provide higher room temperature.

The desired cool setting is selected by rotating the MODE knob to the appropriate location.

hi cool has maximum cooling effect and airflow.

med cool between hi cool and lo cool has the intermediate cooling effect and airflow.

lo cool has minimum cooling effect and airflow.

Rotate the MODE knob to the right to select your choice of fan speeds for air circulation.

Note: When selecting a fan speed, the compressor will not run.

Please always wait 3 minutes when turning unit off then on again, and when changing from cool to fan and back to cool. This prevents compressor from overheating & possible circuit breaker tripping.

Failure to follow these instructions may be harmful to your unit.

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Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions


Air Directional Louvers

Left and Right air direction

The left and right air direction can be adjusted by the louve adjustment rod as shown below. adjustment

Up and down air direction

The up and down air direction can be adjusted by the moving the air outlet frame up or down as shown below.

Air outlet frame

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Care and Cleaning & Energy Saving Ideas

Care and Cleaning

Clean your air conditioner occasionally to keep it looking new. Be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning to prevent shock or fire hazards.

Air Filter Cleaning

The air filter should be checked at least once a month to see if cleaning is necessary. Trapped particles in the filter can build up and cause an accumulation of frost on the cooling coils.

Open the front panel.

Grasp the filter by the center and pull up and out.

Wash the filter using liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Rinse filter thoroughly. Gently shake excess water from the filter. Be sure filter is thoroughly dry before replacing

Or instead of washing, you may vacuum the filter clean.

Cabinet Cleaning

Be sure to unplug the air conditioner to prevent shock or fire hazard. The cabinet and front may be dusted with an oil-free cloth or washed with a cloth dampened in a solution of warm water and mild liquid dishwashing detergent.

Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.

Never use harsh cleaners, wax or polish on the cabinet front.

Be sure to wring excess water from the cloth before wiping around the controls.

Excess water in or around the controls may cause damage to the air conditioner.

Plug in air conditioner.

Winter Storage

If you plan to store the air conditioner during the winter, remove it carefully from the window according to the installation instructions. Cover it with plastic or return it to the original carton.

Energy Saving Ideas

Do not block air flow inside with blinds, curtains or furniture; or outside with shrubs, enclosures, or other buildings.

The capacity of the room air conditioner must fit the room size for efficient and satisfactory operation.

Install the room air conditioner on the shady side of your home. A window that faces north is best because it is shaded most of the day.

Close the fireplace damper, floor and wall registers so cool air does not escape up the chimney