GE® Dishwasher with Hidden Controls GDT530PGDBB user guide

Cabinet depth installation.
This cycle is meant for heavily soiled dishes, cookware, pots, or pans with dried-on or baked-on soils.

Everyday dishes are safe to be used in this cycle.

This cycle is meant for daily, regular, or typical use to completely wash a full load of normally soiled dishes and is designed to conserve both water and energy. NOTE: Normal was used to rate the energy efficiency of this dishwasher.

This cycle is for light to medium soiled dishes. It is safe for china and crystal.

For rinsing partial loads that will be washed later. Do not use detergent. Detergent is not dispensed during the rinse cycle.

(on some models)

Select Options

The light by the selected pad will be ON to indicate which Option has been selected.

This option increases the temperature to help clean heavily soiled dishes and may increase the overall cycle time.

Option may be turned On or Off during the wash cycle.

(on some models)

This option raises the water temperature in the final rinse to sanitize your dishware. The cycle length will vary depending on the temperature of your inlet water.

NOTE: This option is monitored for sanitization requirements. If the cycle is interrupted during or after the main wash portion or if the incoming water temperature is so low that adequate water heating cannot be achieved, the sanitizing conditions may not be met. In these cases, the Sanitized light will not illuminate at the end of the cycle. Utilizing this option will modify the cycle to meet the requirements of Section 6, NSF 184 for soil removal and sanitization efficacy.

NOTE: NSF certified residential dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments.

Heated Dry

Shuts off the heat drying option. Dishes air dry naturally and energy is saved. Open the dishwasher door to speed drying.

Heated Dry

Turns on the heater for faster drying. This cycle may extend the time to your wash cycle up to 64 minutes. This option is not available with the Rinse cycle.

(on some models)

Select Options (Continued)

For use with heavily soiled and/or dried-on, baked-on soils. This option MUST be selected PRIOR to

starting the cycle. The Steam option adds approximately 30 minutes to the cycle time. This option is available with Heavy, Auto Sense, and Normal cycles.

Selecting either the Upper or Lower Wash Zones will target dishwashing of just one rack. This will shorten the cycle time and conserve energy. This option can be used when there is only half a load of dishes.

Delays the start of a wash cycle up to 8 to 12 hours depending on model. Press Delay Hours, to select the number of hours, then press Start one time to begin countdown. The cycle will start once allotted time has expired.

You can lock the controls to prevent selections from being made. You can also lock the controls after you have started a cycle to prevent cycle changes. For example, children cannot accidentally start the dishwasher by pressing pads with this option selected.

To LOCK the dishwasher control, depending on the model, press and hold the Heated Dry pad for 3 seconds or press and hold the Steam and Wash Temp pads at the same time for 3 seconds. The Control Lock light will turn on to indicate the control is locked.

To UNLOCK the dishwasher control, depending on the model, press and hold the Heated Dry pad for 3 second or press and hold the Steam and Wash Temp pads at the same time for 3 seconds. The Control Lock light will turn off to indicate the control is unlocked.

When connected to a smart meter and your electric company, the dishwasher will automatically delay starting a cycle during the more expensive peak demand times, and run when demand is low. However, you can override the delay settings and use the dishwasher as needed. Learn more about Energy Smart under the Using the

Dishwasher section.

(on some models)

(on some models)

(on some models)

Start Dishwasher

Door can be open to select the desired options. Press the Start pad and close the door within 10 seconds to start the cycle