GE® Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher with Hidden Controls GDT720SGFWW user guide

Lower rack adjustable tines and Wash Your Way customizable rack.
Add Rinse Agent

Add Rinse Agent to the rinse agent dispenser. See Use a Rinse Agent in the Using the dishwasher section.

Select Cycle

Press the Select Cycle button for the desired wash cycle. On some models, the light next to the Select Cycle button will be lit to indicate which wash cycle has been selected. On other models, pressing the Select Cycle button will show various cycles in the display window. Press the button until the desired cycle is shown.

NOTE: Actual cycle times vary based on soil level, water temperature, and options selected.

The cycle may be selected with the door in the open position. The cycle will not start until after the door is closed and Start selected within 10 seconds.

This cycle automatically senses the soil level and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly. *Time range: 1 hour 50 minutes - 2 hours 10 minutes.

This cycle is meant for heavily soiled dishes, cookware, pots, or pans with dried-on or baked-on soils.

Everyday dishes are safe to be used in this cycle. *Time: 2 hours 31 minutes.

This cycle is meant for daily, regular, or typical use to completely wash a full load of normally soiled dishes and is designed to conserve both water and energy. *Time range: 1 hour 15 minutes - 1 hour 50 minutes. NOTE: Normal was used to rate the energy efficiency of this dishwasher.

This cycle is for light to medium soiled dishes. It is safe for china and crystal. *Time: 50 minutes.

For rinsing partial loads that will be washed later. Do not use detergent. Detergent is not dispensed during the rinse cycle. *Time: 16 minutes.

This cycle will quickly wash lightly soiled dishes. *Time: 32 minutes. For faster drying, select Power Dry. The final rinse temperature will be increased. Power Dry will add 15 minutes to the cycle time. When the Clean light comes on, open the door, pull the racks out, and the dishes will flash dry in approximately five minutes.

(on some models)

(on some models)

This cycle will efficiently wash dishes using about 2 gallons of water and .8 KWhr. Selecting Power Dry with this cycle

(on some models) adds an energy efficient 1 1/2 hour dry period. Drying is accomplished with an efficient 2 watt fan. *Time: 1 hour 3 minutes.

*Washing time only. Does not include drying time, Auto Hot Start, or options. NOTE: If the incoming water temperature is too low, the Auto Hot Start feature may add up to 11 minutes of additional time.

Getting started!

Select Options

The light by the selected button will be lit to indicate which Option has been selected.

Normal Temp This option is for normally soiled dishes, optimizes wash performance while conserving energy.

(on some models)

Boost Temp

Power Dry Off

Power Dry On

(on some models)

This option raises the water temperature in the final rinse to sanitize your dishware. The cycle length will vary depending on the temperature of your inlet water.

NOTE: This option is monitored for sanitization requirements. If the cycle is interrupted during or after the main wash portion or if the incoming water temperature is so low that adequate water heating cannot be achieved, the sanitizing conditions may not be met. In these cases, the Sanitized or Cycle Sanitized light will not illuminate at the end of the cycle. Utilizing this option will modify the cycle to meet the requirements of Section 6, NSF 184 for soil removal and sanitization efficacy.

NOTE: NSF certified residential dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments.

Shuts off the drying option. Dishes air dry naturally and energy is saved. Open the dishwasher door to speed drying.

Turns on the option for faster drying. This option may add up to 65 minutes to the cycle time.

On models with the hidden heater feature, this option boosts the temperature of the dishwasher during the final rinse portion of the cycle then utilizes a fan to circulate air to dry the dishes. This option is not available with the

Rinse cycle.

For use with heavily soiled and/or dried-on, baked-on soils. This option MUST be selected PRIOR to starting the cycle. The Steam option adds up to 30 minutes to the cycle time. This option is available with Heavy, AutoSense, and Normal cycles.

Use this option to improve wash performance with heavy or dried-on soils. This option is available on Heavy, AutoSense, and Normal cycles and may add up to 30 minutes to the cycle time.

Wash Zones

Selecting either the Upper or Lower Wash Zones will target dishwashing of just one rack. This will shorten the cycle time and conserve energy. This option should be used when dishes are placed in