GE® 15.7 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer FCM16DLWW user guide

Adjustable temperature control.
Freezer Status Lights

Alarm Reset

Alarm Reset

Freezer Status Lights

RED: The red light will turn on automatically when the temperature of the freezer is too high, above 23F (-5C) for 60 minutes. It will go off once the temperature is below 20F (-7C).

YELLOW: The yellow light will flash when the red temperature light is on. You must press the Alarm Reset

Button to turn the yellow light off. If the yellow light is flashing and the red temperature light is off, you have experienced a home power loss. You must press the

Alarm Reset Button to turn the yellow light off.

GREEN: The green light is the indicator light and assures you that your freezer is running. If the indicator light is not glowing, immediately check for power interruption, unplugged power cord, open circuit breaker, blown fuse, or burned out indicator light. If the light is burned out, contact service for a replacement.

49-1000372 Rev. 1

Yellow Light

Green Light

USING THE FREEZER: Operation/Features


Audio alarm indicates that the freezer temperature is too

Alarm Reset Button

Push the Alarm Reset button to turn the alarm off. Once the button is pushed, the yellow light will stop flashing and the alarm will shut off.

Temperature Control Dial

Turn using a coin in the slot to adjust the freezer temperature between Cold and Coldest.

WARNING Freezer must be unplugged to avoid electriical hazard from power source when installing, cleaning or repairing the freezer


Recommended Grounding Method

A 115 Volt, 60 Hz, AC only, 15- or 20-amp fused, grounded electrical supply is required. It is recommended that a separate circuit serving only your freezer be



Sliding Basket

Store small packages in the basket to avoid losing them in the bottom of the freezer. The basket can be moved from side to side or it can be removed when loading or unloading the food below it.

To remove basket, lift it straight up and out. To replace basket, lower basket back into place.

Divider (Optional)

On some models there is a divider in the bottom of the unit. If divider is used, follow the assembly instructions included with the divider.

Key Eject Lock

The lock is spring loaded so the key cannot be left in the lock. To lock or unlock, press the key in while turning.

If the key is lost, contact your dealer for a replacement and serial number of the freezer when requesting a replacement key.

WARNING To prevent a child from being entrapped, keep the key out of reach of children and away from the freezer.

49-1000372 Rev. 1

In most climates, defrosting will be necessary only about twice a year.

To have your freezer operate most efficiently, do not

SHUPLWPRUHWKDQ PP WKLFNQHVVRIIURVWRQ average, to accumulate on the walls.

To remove frost, scrape with a plastic or wood spatula or



Flammable refrigerant used.

To remove frost, scrape with a plastic or wood

VSDWXODRUVFUDSHU'RQRWXVHDQLFHSLFNRUDPHWDO or sharp-edged instrument as it may puncture the freezer liner and then the flammable refrigerant tubing behind it.


For Complete Defrosting


2. Remove all food and place it in corrugated boxes,


3. Place a tray (not included) in front of the freezer, beneath the exterior drain plug to collect the water.

Pull out the drain plug about 1" until the drain hole on the plug shows completely. Turn the drain plug

FORFNZLVHXQWLOWKHDUURZLVSRLQWHGGRZQ8QVFUHZ counterclockwise to remove the interior drain plug.

This allows the water to flow out into the tray.

NOTE: Water that has accumulated at the bottom of the freezer during defrosting will drain into the tray.

Monitor the tray under the drain to avoid overflow.

4. With the lid open, you may choose to use pans of hot tap water (less than 120 F) to speed defrosting.


DOVRKHOS'RQRWSODFHIDQRUDQHOHFWULFDOGHYLFHLQ the freezer. Remove large pieces before they melt.

5. Wipe water from walls with a towel or sponge.