GE® Manual Defrost 8.8 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer FCM9SAWH user guide

Defrost drain.
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When disconnecting the power cord from the adapter, always hold the adapter in place with one hand while pulling the power cord plug with the other hand. If this is not done, the adapter ground terminal is very likely to break with repeated use.

If the adapter ground terminal breaks, DO NOT USE the freezer until a proper ground has been established.

Attaching the adapter ground terminal to a wall outlet cover screw does not ground the appliance unless the cover screw is metal, and not insulated, and the wall outlet is grounded through the house wiring. You should have the circuit checked by a qualified electrician to make sure the outlet is properly grounded.

Read and follow this Safety Information carefully.


Safety Instructions

About the operation of your freezer.

Operating Instructions

Starting the Freezer the inside of the freezer with a mild solution of baking soda and water

(see Care and Cleaning).

2 Connect cord to power outlet. models with a Temperature Monitor or High-Temp Alarm Switch, set the switch to the OFF position.

4 Make sure the temperature control is set at 4.

5 Allow freezer to operate for at least four hours before placing food inside. models with a Temperature Monitor or High-Temp Alarm Switch, set the switch to the ON position.

Temperature Control

Freezing temperature selection is made by setting the control from 1 to 7 (coldest).

Located on front of freezer.

Temperature Monitor/High-Temp Alarm Switch (on some models)

An alarm will sound if the freezer temperature reaches unsafe levels. The alarm operates on household electricity. If the power fails, the alarm will not perform.

An ON/OFF switch allows the temperature alarm to be deactivated if desired. The freezer is shipped with the switch in the

OFF position. After the freezer has run long

enough to lower the temperature, you may set the switch to the ON position.

CAUTION: Adding more than 3 pounds (1.5 kg) of warm food per cubic foot of freezer capacity can trigger the alarm.

To activate the alarm, set the switch to the ON

Troubleshooting Tips


Turning the control to OFF stops the cooling process but does not shut off power to the

Installation Instructions

If you want colder or warmer temperatures, adjust the control one step at a time.

Allow several hours after each one-step adjustment for the freezer temperature to stabilize.

To deactivate the alarm, set the switch to the

OFF position.

Located on back of lid.

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Safety Instructions

About the operation of your freezer.

Power-On Light

The Power-On Light indicates that the freezer is properly connected to the electrical power.

The light glows even when the temperature control is turned off.

Key-Ejecting Lock (on some models)

Operating Instructions

The key for the spring-loaded lock is automatically ejectedkey will not remain in lock in either the open or closed

Keep the key out of reach of children and away from the freezer.

Freezer Shelves

Installation Instructions

The spacers (on some models) are used to secure the shelves during shipping. Remove and discard the spacers.

Small objects are a choke hazard to children.

Refrigerated Cabinet Shelves (on some models)

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Troubleshooting Tips

These shelves contain cooling coils to freeze foods quickly and allow cold air to constantly circulate throughout the freezer.

In most climates, defrosting will be necessary only about twice a year.

To remove frost, scrape with a plastic or wood spatula or scraper.

To have your freezer operate most efficiently, do not permit more than 1/2 ? (13 mm) of frost to accumulate on the shelves.

Do not use an ice pick or sharp-edged instrument as it may damage or scratch the

Safety Instructions

Defrosting instructions. (for Manual Defrost models)

Do not use any electrical device in defrosting your freezer. the temperature control to OFF and unplug the freezer. all food and place it in corrugated boxes, insulated bags, picnic coolers, etc. Use towels and newspapers for insulation as needed. the door/lid open, use pans of hot water to speed loosening of frost.

On models without a defrost drain, place towels or newspapers on the freezer bottom to catch the frost. The frost will loosen and fall. Remove towels and/or newspapers.