GE® Zoneline Value Series Cooling and Electric Heat Unit AZ22E09E5B user guide

Remote control compatibility for wall-mounted thermostats.
Active as long as power to the unit is on.

NOTE: The owner is responsible for checking the Freeze Sentinel switch and ensuring it is in the desired

Operating Instructions

Care & Cleaning

Room Cabinet

Outdoor Coils

Turn the Zoneline off and disconnect the power supply.

The coils on the outdoor side of the Zoneline should be checked regularly. If they are clogged with dirt or soot they may be professionally steam cleaned, a service available through your GE service outlet. You will need to remove the chassis to inspect the coils because the dirt build-up occurs on the inside.

In some installations, dirt or other debris may be blown into the unit from the outside and settle in the base pan (the bottom of the unit).

In some areas of the United States a jell-like substance may be seen in the base pan.

To clean, use water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasives. Some commercial cleaners may damage the plastic

Clean the outside coils regularly.

Check it periodically and clean it out, if necessary.

Air Filters

Operating Tip:

To maintain optimum performance, clean the filters at least every 30 days.

Turn the Zoneline off before cleaning.

The most important thing you can do to maintain the Zoneline is to clean the filter at least every 30 days. Clogged filters reduce cooling, heating and air flow.

To remove the air filters:

2 air filters

Keeping these filters clean will:

Decrease cost of operation.

Save energy.

Prevent clogged heat exchanger

To replace the air filters:

Reduce the risk of premature component failure.

Dirty filterNeeds cleaning

Clogged filterGreatly reduces cooling, heating and airflow.

To clean the air filters:

Vacuum off the heavy soil.

Run water through the filters.

Dry thoroughly before replacing.

DO NOT operate the Zoneline without the filters in place. If a filter becomes torn or damaged it should be replaced immediately.

Operating without the filters in place or with damaged filters will allow dirt and dust to reach the indoor coil and reduce the cooling, heating, airflow and efficiency of

Replacement filters are available from your salesperson, GE dealer,

GE Service and Parts Center or authorized Customer Care servicers.

Installation Instructions

Read carefully

If you have any questions, call the GE Answer Center at 800.626.2000.

Replacing an Existing Unit?

Check the Essential

Elements label for important information.

Any vertical deflectors in the existing rear grille should be removed to decrease condenser air recirculation which can cause the unit to

short-cycle and lead to premature component failure.

Replacing a ducted chassis.

Use the correct wall case.

This chassis is designed to be installed in a GE plastic or insulated metal wall case. This minimizes condensation from forming on the room side of the case. If the current wall case is not insulated, you can reduce the possibility of condensation forming by installing insulation kit RAK901L, available where you purchased the chassis.

Use the correct outdoor grille.

You should use the outdoor grilles shown on the Essential Elements label on the top of the chassis.

If an existing grille is not replaced, capacity and efficiency will be reduced and the unit may fail to operate properly or fail prematurely. A deflector kit, RAK40, may be used with grilles that were not designed for your new GE

Zonelines. The RAK40 contains air deflectors and gaskets that mount to the chassis to direct the hot exhaust air away from the air intake to allow the unit to function properly. The grille must have a 65% minimum free area.

New ducted installationIf this unit is to be installed in a new ducted application using a duct adaptor kit, the kit must be installed before the chassis is placed in the wall case. The installation instructions are packed with the kit.

Existing ducted installationReplacement of an existing ducted unit may require different components. Request this information from your sales representative.

Replacing 230/208 volt units.

See page 12.

Replacing 265 volt units.

See page 13.

Important Electrical SafetyRead Carefully

Installer: Leave these instructions with the Zoneline.

Owner: Keep these instructions for future use.

Important Notes

Follow the National Electrical Code (NEC) or local codes and ordinances.

For personal safety, this Zoneline must be properly grounded.

Protective devices (fuses or circuit breakers) acceptable for Zoneline installations are specified on the nameplate of each unit.

Do not use an extension cord with this unit.

Aluminum building wiring may present special problemsconsult a qualified electrician.

When the unit is in the STOP position there is still voltage to the electrical controls.

Disconnect the power to the unit before servicing

1 Removing the power cord (if it has one) from the wall receptacle.

2 Removing the branch circuit fuses or turning the circuit breakers off at the panel.

Zoneline Components


Phillips screwdriver

Exterior grille/louver**

Wall case**

Zoneline unit

Room cabinet*

*Shipped with the Zoneline unit

**Check the Essential Elements list on the unit

Installation Instructions

How to Connect

1 Remove the room cabinet.

3 See the special instructions below for applicable supply voltages.

2 Connect to electrical power.

4 Reinstall the room cabinet.

230/208 Volt Electrical Supply

All wiring, including installation of the receptacle, must be in accordance with the NEC and local codes, ordinances and regulations.

This unit is equipped with a line cord for appropriate amperage wall receptacle. See below.


Large Tandem

Electrical wiring wall outlets 230/208 volts.

265 Volt Electrical Supply

Steps for preparing cordset for direct connection: