GE Profile™ 30" Built-In CleanDesign Electric Cooktop JP950BKBB user guide

Dual size ribbon elements.
Cutting board.

? NOTE: We recommend that you avoid

? Do not place or store items on top of the wiping any surface element areas until they glass cooktop surface when it is not in use. have cooled and the indicator light has

? Be careful when placing spoons or other gone off. Sugar spills are the exception to stirring utensils on glass cooktop surface this. Please see the Cleaning the glass when it is in use. They may become hot cooktop section. and could cause burns.

? When the cooktop is cool, use only

? Avoid heating an empty pan. Doing so may

CERAMA BRYTE Ceramic Cooktop damage the cooktop and the pan.

Cleaner and the CERAMA BRYTE

Cleaning Pad to clean the cooktop.

? Do not allow water, other liquids or grease to remain on the cooktop.

? To avoid possible damage to the cooking surface, do not apply the cleaning cream

? Do not operate the glass surface elements to the glass surface when it is hot. if the glass is broken. Spillovers or cleaning solution may penetrate a broken cooktop

? After cleaning, use a dry cloth or paper and create a risk of electrical shock. towel to remove all the cleaning cream

Contact a qualified technician immediately should your glass cooktop become broken.

? Read and follow all instructions and

? Spilled or burnt-on foods may cause warnings on the cleaning cream labels. accidental activation or deactivation of the keypad. Clean the keypad thoroughly, and ? Large scratches or impacts to cooktops can lead to broken or shattered glass. controls will resume normal operation.

? Use care when touching the cooktop. The

? To prevent accidental activation of the glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat cooktop, do not place any objects on or after the controls have been turned OFF. near the keypad.

? Do not stand on the glass cooktop.

? Clean the cooktop with caution. Always lock the control panel using the control lock feature and wait until the entire glass surface is cool before attempting to clean

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Hot Surface Indicator Lights (one for each surface element)

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Using the surface elements.

Your new Profile Cooktop makes an eloquent statement of style, convenience, and kitchen planning flexibility. Whether you chose it for its purity of design, assiduous attention to detail, or for both of these reasonsyoull find that your Profile cooktops superior blend of form and function will delight you for years to come.

This cooktop contains several new features such as pan detection and pan sizing. The touch controls give you precise control of the surface elements. You can quickly switch between a steady low heat and full power or any setting in between. The information on the following pages will help you operate and maintain your cooktop properly.

About the radiant surface elements



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Never cook directly on the glass.

Always use cookware.




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Always center;the pan;on the surface element you are using.




Do not slide cookware across the control or cooktop surface because it can scratch the glass. The glass is scratch-resistant, not scratchproof.

The radiant cooktop features heating elements beneath a smooth glass surface.

Cooktop temperatures increase with the number of surface elements that are on. With 3 or 4 elements turned on, cooktop temperatures are high. Always use caution when touching it.

The indicator lights will come on next to the Warmer and Dual burners when activated. Lights also activate for the Pan

Detect and Control Lock features when they are turned on. The indicator lights will go off when the surface element or feature is turned off.

The appropriate HOT SURFACE indicator light will glow when its corresponding radiant element is turned on and will remain on until the surface has cooled to approximately 150F.

Hot surface indicator light will:

? Come on when the surface element is turned on.

? Stay on even after the element is turned off.

? Glow brightly until the element has cooled below 150F.

NOTE: A slight odor is normal when a new cooktop is used for the first time. It is caused by the heating of new parts and insulating materials and will disappear in a short time.

It is safe to place hot cookware (from the oven or surface