GE® 7.0 cu.ft. capacity electric dryer with steam GFDS140EDWW user guide

Sensor Dry.
Air Fluff/No Heat

DeWrinkle/Full Loads

(on some models)

Steam DeWrinkle/

Full Loads

(on some models)

(on some models)


For loads consisting of cottons and poly-blends.

For cottons and most linens.

For large coats, bed spreads, mattress covers, sleeping bags and similar large and bulky items. Large items such as blankets, comforters, jackets and small rugs.

For wrinkle-free and permanent press items.

For lingerie and special-care fabrics.

For small loads that are needed in a hurry, such as sports or school uniforms. Can also be used if the previous cycle left some items damp, such as collars or waistbands.


Provides 10 minutes of warming time to warm up clothes.

Use this feature to tumble items without heat.

For removing wrinkles from items that are dry or slightly damp. This cycle is not recommended for delicate fabrics.

For slightly wrinkled dry garments. Significantly reduces wrinkles on garments. After this cycle, the unit will beep and display 0:00. If the unit is not turned off or if the door is not opened, the dryer will continue to tumble for 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes, it will display 0:00 and the cycle will be complete.

Note: A single extremely light fabric item may need to have an additional item included in the cycle to achieve optimum results.


Press to use, create or modify custom dry cycles. (See the My Cycle section for more

3 Time Dry

Use to set your own dry time. Time Dry is also recommended for small loads

To use Time Dry:

1. Turn dry cycle dial to Time Dry.

2. Increase the drying time by pressing the Time Dry button.

Note: This button only increases the time. When max time is reached, pressing the button again will reset the counter to the lowest setting.

3. Select the Temp.

4. Close the door.

5. Press Start

About the dryer control panel.

Sensor Dry Level

Dry Temp

The sensor continuously monitors the amount of moisture in the load. When the moisture in your clothes reaches your selected dry level, the dryer will stop.

Note: Sensor dry Level only works for Normal Mixed Load, Cottons, Bulky Bedding, Easy Care, Delicates, and

Speed Dry.

You can change the temperature of your dry cycle.

For regular to heavy cottons.

For synthetics, blends and items labeled permanent press.

For delicates, synthetics and items labeled Tumble Dry Low.

For lingerie and special-care fabrics.

Press to start a dry cycle. If the dryer is running, press it once and it will pause the dryer.

Press it again to resume the dry cycle.

Set up your favorite combination of settings and save them here for one touch recall.

These custom settings can be set while a cycle is in progress.

To store a My Cycle combination of settings:

1. Select your drying cycle.

2. Change DRY Temp, and SENSOR DRY Level settings to fit your needs.

3. Select any drying OPTIONS you want.

4. Press and hold the My Cycle pad for three seconds to store your selection. A beep will sound and the pad light will

To recall your stored My Cycle combination:

Press the My Cycle button before drying a load.

To change your stored My Cycle combination:

Follow steps 14 in To store a My Cycle combination of settings.


(This message represents only a reminder and does not always appear when filter needs cleaning. The filter should be cleaned after every drying cycle is complete.)

This message will disappear after the Start button is pressed. Even though you may have already cleaned the filter

(before or after the Power button has been pressed), the CLEAN LINT FILTER message will still be displayed until the

Start button is activated.

About cycle options.

NOTE: Not all features are available on all dryer models.

Extended Tumble

Minimizes wrinkles by adding approximately

60 minutes of no-heat tumbling after clothes are dry. The beeper will sound every two minutes as a reminder to remove the clothes.

The ESTIMATED TIME REMAINING display will show 0:00.

The extended tumble time does not get added to the cycle time on the display

Delay Dry (on some models)

Use to delay the start of your dryer.

1. Choose your dry cycle and any options.

2. Press Delay Dry. You can increase the delay time in 1 hour increments using the Delay Dry button.

? If the door is opened while the dryer is in Delay Dry, the countdown time will not restart unless the door is closed and Start has been pressed again.

3. Press the Start pad to start the countdown.

Reduces the total energy consumption of specific dryer cycles by adjusting certain heat

This feature can be used with Delicates, Easy

Care, Normal Mixed Loads and Cottons.

Note: Cycle times will change when e-DRY is

Alerts you that the cycle is complete.

The beeper will continue to sound every minute for the next 5 minutes, until the clothes have been removed. The clothes should be removed when the beeper goes off so wrinkles dont set in.

Press Signal to select low, medium or high volume, or to turn the beeper off.

About cycle options. NOTE: Not all features are available on all dryer models.

You can lock the controls to prevent any selections from being made. You can also lock the controls after you have started a cycle.

To lock the dryer, press and hold the lock icon for 3 seconds. To unlock the dryer, press and hold the lock icon for 3 seconds.

Children cannot accidentally start the dryer by touching pads with this option selected.

The Lock icon next to the timer will light up when the controls are locked.

Estimated Time Remaining

Displays the approximate time remaining until the end of the cycle.