GE® 7.0 cu. ft. capacity Dura Drum electric dryer with HE SensorDry™ GTDP520EDWW user guide

Sensor Dry.
It is highly recommended to select the appropriate load size for best results. Selecting large load cycles for small loads may result in clothes being wet, and selecting small load cycles for large loads may result in poor dewrinkling performance.


? Grasp the plug firmly when disconnecting this appliance to avoid damage to the cord while pulling. Place the cord away from traffic areas so it will not be stepped on, tripped over or subjected to damage.

? Before discarding a dryer, or removing it from service, remove the dryer door to prevent children from hiding inside.

? Do not tamper with controls.

? Do not attempt to repair or replace any part of this appliance or attempt any servicing unless specifically recommended in this Owners Manual or in published user-repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.



About the control panel

Clean lint filter

Select drying cycle

Add clothes

Shut door

Push Start

Quick Start Guide

To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before operating this appliance.

Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model.

Delay Sensing Dryi ng Damp Cool Down

Perm. Press

Mixed Loads

Steam Refresh

001 - 175D


Hold 3 secs to Cancel Delay


Steam Dewrinkle

Quick Fluff

Hold 3 secs

To Save Current Cycle

Drying Cycles-Sensor cycles automatically determine fabric dryness.

Timed cycles run for the selected time.

Perm. Press

Mixed Loads

Quick Fluff


NSF Protocol P154

Sanitization Performance of

Residential Clothes Dryers

For cottons and most linens.

For wrinkle-free, permanent press, delicate items and knits.

For delicate items, special-care fabrics and knits.

For loads consisting of cottons and poly-blends.

Set the Cycle Selector at the desired drying time.

For removing wrinkles from items that are clean and dry or that are very lightly damp.

For freshening or fluffing up already dry clothing, fabric, linens and pillows. Use with No Heat.

Provides 10 minutes of no-heat tumbling.

This option reduces certain types of bacteria by 99.9%, including: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae*. The anti-bacterial process occurs when high heat is used during a portion of the drying cycle.

NOTE: Do not use this cycle on delicate fabrics.

*The Anti-Bacterial Cycle is Certified by NSF International (formerly National Sanitation

Foundation) to NSF Protocol P154 Sanitization Performance of Residential Clothes Dryers.

About the control panel


Energy Saver

Steam Refresh

(on some models)

Steam Dewrinkle

(on some models)

For most towels and linens.

For small loads that are needed in a hurry, such as sport or school uniforms. Can also be used if the previous cycle left some items damp, such as collars or waistbands. NOTE: On some models, the time remaining in the cycle will show counting down in the display.

For cottons and most linens. The cycle offers a reduction in energy use when compared to the Cottons cycle. The dryer automatically sets the most energy efficient settings and only changes to the Dryness Level are allowed by the user.

For slightly wrinkled dry garments. Significantly reduces wrinkles. After the Stea