GE® 26.3 Cu. Ft. French-Door Refrigerator GNE26GMDES user guide

Advanced water filtration uses RPWF replacement filter.
QuickSpace shelf

Ice maker and bin are located on the door creating more usable storage space.

Functions as a normal full-sized shelf when needed and easily slides back to store tall items below.

Showcase LED lighting

Spillproof shelves

LED lighting is positioned throughout the interior to spotlight areas in the refrigerator. LEDs are located under the fresh food door to light the freezer when opened.

Designed to capture your spills for easier clean up.

Removable condiment bin

Separate bin designed for easy removal and storage.

Drop-down tray*

Allows for extra door storage when you need it and tucks away when you dont.

Removable door bin

Can be removed for those with a wall limiting the door opening.

Full-width temperature controlled drawer

(on some models)

Adjustable temperature control bin that can accommodate larger items.

Climate zone bin

Separate bins for produce storage.

In-the-door filter*

Separate compartment for your items.

Located in the door for more available space in the fresh-food section

and easy replacement.

Dual ice maker/utility bin (on some models)

Water filter*

An ice maker in both compartments gives you more ice whenever you need it or a utility bin designed for flexible storage.

*Select Models Only

Filters water & Ice

About the features. *

Door ice bin*

1. Open left fresh food door.

2. Pull down latch to release bin door.

3. Using handhold lift ice bucket up and out to clear locators in bottom of bin.

4. To replace the ice bucket, set it on the guide brackets and push until the ice bucket seats properly.

5. If bucket cannot be replaced, rotate the Ice Bucket Fork 1/4 turn clockwise.

Ice bucket

Drop down dairy bin*

1. Open right fresh food

2. Depress both buttons on lower sides and bin will drop down.

3. Reverse to reinstall.

Drop down tray

(tray open)

Door ice/water filter

Remove filter/bypass plug

Push the indent on the cover and open filter door. Pull up on filter/bypass plug and pull straight out to remove.

Installing the filter cartridge

Push the indent at the bottom of the cover and open. Lift door and align tabs on filter to filter/holder and push filter into

Filter cover is designed to be reinstalled if accidently removed

Do not twist

Water & Ice Filter (in door or case)

*Select Models Only

About the controls with temperature settings.

PFE29,PYE23P Control Style A, LCD External Control

Express Mode


Precise Fill


Hold 3 Sec for F/C

Recommended: 37 F

Actual Set

GNE26, PWE23 Control Style D, Internal Control

PFE27, PYE23K Control Style B, LCD External Control


Actual Temp Set Temp

Turbo Freeze

Turbo Cool

Door Alarm

Lock Controls

Replace Water Filter

Reset Filter

GFE29, GFE27, DFE29 Control Style C, External Control


ON OFF EnergySmart

Ice Bottom ON OFF

Replace Water Filter

Recommended: 0F

Energy Smart Override

Hold 3 Seconds

Door Alarm

Lock Controls

Hold 3 Seconds

Reset Filter

Actual Temp Hold 3 sec Set Temp

Energy Smart

Hold 3 Seconds

NOTE: The refrigerator is shipped with protective film covering the temperature controls.

If this film was not removed during installation, remove it now.

The temperature controls are preset in the factory at 37F for the refrigerator compartment and 0F for the freezer compartment. Allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize to the preset recommended settings.

The temperature controls can display both the SET temperature as well as the actual temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. The actual temperature may vary slightly from the SET temperature based on usage and operating environment.

About the controls with temperature settings.

Changing the Temperature for Control Style A

To turn OFF cooling system, access SETTINGS from the

HOME screen. Page over and tap COOLING SYSTEM ON.

Press DONE to return to HOME screen.

To turn ON c