GE Profile™ ENERGY STAR® 4.2 IEC Cu. Ft. Colossal Capacity Frontload Washer with Steam WPDH8900JWW user guide

**Based on an 8-lb. AHAM load, 10 loads per week.
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Operating Instructions

About the washer control panel.

WPDH8850J Profile HA Steam Washer

Press to wake up the display. If the display is active, press to put the washer into standby mode.

NOTE: Pressing POWER does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.

The wash cycles are optimized for specific types of wash loads. The chart below will help you match the wash setting with the loads. The GentleClean lifters lightly tumble the clothes into the water and detergent solution to clean the load.

Operating Instructions



WHITES/ For heavily to lightly soiled white cottons, household linens, work and play clothes.

HEAVY DUTY Can use the STEAM ASSIST option with this cycle.

COLORS/NORMAL For heavy to lightly soiled colorfast cottons, household linens, work and play clothes. Can use the STEAM ASSIST option with this cycle.

WRINKLE FREE For Easy Care and permanent press items. Can use the STEAM ASSIST option with

(PERMA PRESS) this cycle.

ACTIVE WEAR For active sports, exercise and some casual wear clothes. Fabrics include modern technology finishes and fibers such as spandex, stretch and micro-fibers. Can use the STEAM ASSIST option with this cycle.

STEAM REFRESH To de-wrinkle 1 to 5 cotton blend items. This is not a wash cycle, but a cycle that applies only steam to the garments. Select the correct number of garments using the arrow keys and press ENTER.

The washer will beep upon completion of the cycle, and will continue to tumble

for 30 minutes to keep wrinkles from setting in. Press START/PAUSE to remove

If clothes are slightly damp after completion of the cycle, hang dry clothes for 5 minutes before wearing.

HANDWASH For items labeled hand-washable with light soils. Provides gentle rocking to mimic the handwashing action.

DELICATES For lingerie and special-care fabrics with light to normal soil. Provides gentle tumbling and soak during wash and rinse.

WASHABLE For the washing of machine washable wool products, provided that they are

WOOL washed according to the instructions on the garment label. When selecting this cycle, you must use a detergent suitable for washing wool.

SPEED WASH For lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry. Cycle time is approximately

30 minutes, depending on selected options.

RINSE & SPIN To quickly rinse out any items at any time.

SPECIALTY CYCLES For unique garments that may need special treatment.

Safety Instructions

Control settings.

Specialty Cycles

Dress Shirts



Blankets (cotton)



While in the Specialty Cycle, use the ? and ? arrow keys to scroll between the different options.

Press ENTER to select the cycle. Press BACK to go to the previous menu.

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Athletic Shoes

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Fragile Cottons

Performance Fabrics

Pet Bedding

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Single Item Wash

Sleeping Bag

Super Clean

Throw Rugs

Troubleshooting Tips


Drain & spin at any time.

Changing the SOIL LEVEL increases or decreases the wash time to remove different amounts of soil.

To change the SOIL LEVEL, press the SOIL LEVEL button until you have reached the desired setting. You can choose between Extra Light, Light, Normal, Heavy or Extra Heavy soil.

Operating Instructions

Changing the SPIN SPEED changes the final spin speed of the cycles. Always follow the garment manufacturers care label when changing the SPIN SPEED.

To change the SPIN SPEED, press the SPIN SPEED button until you have reached the desired setting. You can choose between No Spin, Low, Medium, High or Extra High Spin. Higher spin speeds are not available on certain cycles, such as


Higher spin speeds remove more water from the clothes and will help reduce dry time, but may also increase the possibility of setting wrinkles on some fabrics.

Adjust to select the proper water temperature for the wash cycle. The prewash and rinse water is always cold to help reduce energy usage and reduce setting of stains and wrinkles.

Follow the fabric manufacturers care label when selecting the wash temperature.

To change the wash temperature, press the WASH TEMP button until you have reached the desired setting. You can choose between Tap Cold, Cold, Warm, Hot or Sanitize. The Sanitized wash temperature is not available on certain cycles, such as Delicates.

When selecting the Sanitize wash temperature, the washer increases the water temperature to sanitize and kill more than 99% of many common bacteria found in home laundry. The sanitize wash temperature is only available on the

Whites/Heavy Duty wash cycle. For best results, select the heavy soil setting when using the Sanitize wash temperature



NOTE: The first 10 seconds of the wash fill is always cold. This feature assists in conditioning the fabric and preventing stains from setting on garments.


Press to start a wash cycle. If the washer is running, pressing it once will pause the washer and unlock the door.

It will take a few seconds for the door to unlock after pressing PAUSE. Press again to restart the wash cycle.

NOTE: If the washer is paused and the cycle is not restar