GE® 7.0 Cu. Ft. Super Capacity Gas Dryer DCVH660GHGG user guide

Multiple dry cycles.
The manufacturer gives written assurance on the package that their product can be safely used in your dryer. Service or performance problems caused by use of these products are the responsibility of the manufacturers of those products and are not covered under the warranty to this appliance.


? Grasp the plug firmly when disconnecting this appliance to avoid damage to the cord while pulling. Place the cord away from traffic areas so it will not be stepped on, tripped over or subjected to damage.

Safety Instructions

? Before discarding a dryer, or removing it from service, remove the dryer door to prevent children from hiding inside.

? Do not tamper with controls.

Troubleshooting Tips

? Do not attempt to repair or replace any part of this appliance or attempt any servicing unless specifically recommended in this Owners Manual or in published user-repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.



Consumer Support

Safety Instructions

Operating Instructions

About the dryer control panel.

You can locate your model number at the top inside of the door opening.

Model DHDVH52, DHDVH66

Troubleshooting Tips

Model DCVH515, DCVH660

Model DCVH640

Consumer Support

Model DBVH520

Safety Instructions

Press to wake up the display. If the display is active, press to put the dryer in the standby mode.

NOTE: Pressing POWER does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.

Dry Cycles

The dry cycle controls the length and tumble speed of the drying process. The chart below will help you match the dry setting with the loads.

Sensor Cycles


For loads consisting of cottons and poly-blends.

For wrinkle-free and permanent press items.

Clothing worn for active sports exercise and some casual wear. Fabrics include new technology finishes and stretch fibers such as Spandex.

For lingerie and special-care fabrics.

Designed for use with the DRYEL dry clean only fabric care system. See product package for directions. For questions or issues related to use and performance of DRYEL,

For small loads that are needed in a hurry, such as sports or school uniforms.

Can also be used if the previous cycle left some items damp, such as collars or waistbands.

Timed Dry Cycles

For removing wrinkles from items that are dry or slightly damp. This cycle is not recommended for delicate fabrics.

Provides 10 minutes of warming time to warm up clothes.

Use this feature to tumble items without heat.

Troubleshooting Tips

My Cycle (on some models)

Operating Instructions


For cottons and most linens.

Press to use, create or modify custom dry cycles.

Use to set your own dry time. TIMED DRY is also recommended for small loads.


1. Turn dry cycle dial to TIMED DRY.

2. Select the drying time by pressing the + and buttons.

3. Select the DRY TEMP.

4. Close the door.

5. Press START.

Sensor Dry Level

Consumer Support

The sensor continuously monitors the amount of moisture in the load. When the moisture in your clothes reaches your selected dry level, the dryer will stop.

Use for heavy or mixed type of fabrics.

Use for normal dryness level suitable for most loads. This is the preferred cycle for energy saving.

Use for lighter fabric (ideal for ironing).

For leaving items partially damp.

You can change the temperature of your dry cycle.


(on some models)

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

About the dryer control panel.

(on some models)

This option may only be used with COTTONS or MIXED LOAD cycles. This option reduces certain types of bacteria by 99.9%, including: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae*. The anti-bacterial process occurs when high heat is used during a portion of this drying cycle.

NOTE: Do not use this cycle on delicate fabrics.

* The Anti-Bacterial Cycle is Certified