GE® 115 Volt Slide-Aire Room Air Conditioner AGX10AH user guide

4-way air direction.
Circulation and filtering without cooling.

NOTE: If you move the switch from a cool setting to OFF or to a fan setting, wait at least 3 minutes before switching back to a cool setting.

Cooling Descriptions

For Normal CoolingSelect HIGH COOL or

MED COOL with the temp control at 5 or 6.

Troubleshooting Tips

For Maximum CoolingSelect HIGH COOL with the temp control at 10.

Consumer Support

For Quieter & Nighttime CoolingSelect

LOW COOL with the temp control at 3 or 4.

Additional controls and important information.

Exhaust Control

The vent control is located in the lower corner of the air discharge grille.

Operating Instructions

When set at CLOSE, only the air inside the room will be circulated and conditioned. When set at OPEN, some inside air is exhausted outside.

Safety Instructions

To open the vent, pull the lever toward you.

To close it, push the lever in.

Air Direction

Care and Cleaning

The side-to-side air direction levers are located in the air discharge louvers, and are adjusted by moving the levers to the left or right.

Fingertip pressure on the horizontal bank of

louvers adjusts the air direction up or down.

Installation Instructions

Troubleshooting Tips

Consumer Support

Grille and Case

Turn the air conditioner off and remove the plug from the wall outlet before cleaning.

To clean, use water and a mild detergent.

Do not use bleach or abrasives.

Outdoor Coils

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

Care and cleaning of the air conditioner.

Care and Cleaning

The coils on the outdoor side of the air conditioner should be checked regularly. If they are clogged with dirt or soot, they may be professionally cleaned.

Air Filter

The air filter behind the inlet grille should be checked and cleaned at least every 30 days or more often if necessary.

Troubleshooting Tips

Installation Instructions

To open the inlet grille and remove the air filter:

Grasp both sides of the inlet grille and pull forward. The inlet grille will pivot forward and down to reveal the air filter.

Remove the filter by grasping it by the frame and pulling it out.

Clean the filter with warm, soapy water. Rinse and let the filter dry before replacing it.

Replace the filter and close the inlet grille.

Air filter

Consumer Support

DO NOT operate the air conditioner without a filter because dirt and lint will clog it and reduce performance.

Inlet grille

Safety Instructions

Preparing to install the air conditioner.

Read these instructions completely and carefully.

Before You Begin


For personal safety, this air conditioner must be properly grounded.

NOTE TO CONSUMER: Keep Owners Manual and Installation Instructions for future use.

It is important to have the wall outlet and circuit checked by a qualified electrician if there is any doubt as to whether a proper ground exists.

Do not, under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord.

Do not change the plug on the power cord of this air conditioner.

Power cord includes a current interrupter device. A test and reset button is provided on the plug case. The device should be tested on a periodic basis by first pressing the TEST button and then the RESET button. If the TEST button does not trip or if the RESET button will not stay engaged, discontinue use of the air conditioner and contact a qualified service technician.

Electrical Requirements

Some models require 230/208-volt or circuit breaker. These models should be installed on their own single branch circuit for best performance and to prevent overloading house or apartment wiring circuits, which could cause a possible fire hazard from overheating wires.

The 3-prong grounding plug minimizes the possibility of electric shock hazard. If the wall outlet you plan to use is only a 2-prong outlet, it is your responsibility to have it replaced with a properly grounded 3-prong wall outlet.

? Screwdrivers

? Ruler or tape measure

? Scissors or knife

? Drill and 1/8? bit

Troubleshooting Tips

Tools You Will Need

Before Installing the Air Conditioner

Open the inlet grille and remove the filter.

See the Air Filter section.

Secure the front grille frame with the two screws packed with the Owners Manual.

Replace the filter and close the inlet grille.

Consumer Support

Installation Instructions

60 Hz grounded outlet protected with a 15-amp time delay fuse or circuit

Care and Cleaning

Aluminum house wiring may present special problemsconsult a qualified electrician.

Follow National Electric Codes (NEC) and/or local codes and ordinances.

Operating Instructions

NOTE TO INSTALLER: Leave these instructions with the air conditioner after installation is completed.

Inlet grille

Read these instructions completely and carefully.

Parts Included

Filler panel

Top and bottom seals (2)

(discard 1 for sliding window installation)

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

Horizontal sliding window installation instructions.

Support platform

Filler panel frame

Support angle

Foam gasket (2)

(discard for installation)

Troubleshooting Tips

Installation Instructions

Care and Cleaning

Leveling bolt

Side guide (2)

Consumer Support

Type A (2)

Washer (2) and Nut (2)

Side seal (2)

Type B (11)

Air conditioner

Type C (3)

Type D (4)

Window locking bracket (1)

Safety Instructions

Read completely, then follow step-by-step.

Window Requirements

? These instructions are for a horizontal sliding

? For installation in a casement window, the or a casement window.

? The electrical outlet must be within reach of the power cord.

40 1?2? max.

Operating Instructions window frame assembly and the side of the building must be adequate to support the weight of the air conditioner.

211/2? min.

Care and Cleaning

Horizontal sliding window

Casement window

(See Casement Window Installation Instructions)

You may change the power cord exit from the bottom to the side, if desired, for appearance or window sill clearance.

Grasp both sides of the inlet grille and pull forward. The inlet grille will pivot forward and down to reveal the air filter.

Remove the filter by grasping it by the frame and pulling

Pull the gr