GE Profile™ ENERGY STAR® 42" Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser PSB42LGRBV user guide

Secure-close door system.
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The Performance Air-Flow System is designed to maximize temperature control in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This unique special feature consists of the Air Tower along the back

Troubleshooting Tips

To change the temperature, press and release the

WARMER or COLDER button. SET will illuminate in the display, as well as the set temperature. To change the temperature, tap either the WARMER or

COLDER button (while SET is illuminated) until the desired temperature is displayed. Refrigerator temperatures can be adjusted between 34F and

47F and the freezer temperatures can be adjusted between 6F and +8F.

Installation Instructions

The temperature controls are preset in the factory at 37F for the refrigerator compartment and 0F for the freezer compartment. Allow

24 hours for the temperature to stabilize to the preset recommended

The temperature controls can display both the SET temperature as well as the actual temperature in the refrigerator and freezer.

The actual temperature may vary slightly from the SET temperature based on usage and operating environment.

NOTE: The refrigerator is shipped with protective film covering the temperature controls. If this film was not removed during installation, remove it now.

Safety Instructions

Water Filter Cartridge

The water filter cartridge is located in the top grille compartment. Flip up the panel top grille to access the water filter.

When to Replace the Filter

Place the top of the cartridge up inside the cartridge holder and slowly turn it clockwise.

Troubleshooting Tips

NOTE: A newly-installed water filter cartridge may cause water to spurt from the dispenser.

The filter cartridge should be replaced

when the replacement indicator light turns red or if the flow of water to the dispenser or icemaker decreases.

You must use the filter bypass plug when a replacement filter cartridge is not available. The bypass plug will be taped to the door bin in the new unit.

Installing the Filter Cartridge

NOTE: The dispenser and the icemaker will not operate without the filter or filter bypass plug.

Replacement Filters:

If you are replacing the cartridge, first remove the old one by slowly turning it counterclockwise. Do not pull down on the cartridge. A small amount of water may drip down.

To order additional filter cartridges or call GE Parts and Accessories, 800.626.2002.

Fill the replacement cartridge with water from the tap to allow for better flow from the dispenser immediately after installation.

Customers in Canada should consult the yellow pages for the nearest Mabe

Service Center.

Slowly turn it clockwise until the filter cartridge stops. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

As you turn the cartridge, it will automatically raise itself into position.

Cartridge will rotate about 1/4 turn.

Consumer Support

Press and hold the RESET WATER FILTER button on the dispenser for 3 seconds.

Filter Bypass Plug

Lining up the arrow on the cartridge and the cartridge holder, place the top of the new cartridge up inside the holder. Do not push it up into the holder.

Run water from the dispenser for

3 minutes (about 11?2 gallons) to clear the system and prevent sputtering.

There is a replacement indicator light for the water filter cartridge on the dispenser.

This light will turn orange to tell you that you need to replace the filter soon.

The filter cartridge is designed to filter

500 gallons of water (lasting approximately

12 months).

Installation Instructions

Operating Instructions

About the water filter. (on some models)

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Not all features are on all models.

Refrigerator Door Bins and Freezer Door Bins

All door bins, except for the deep gallon door bin and freezer bins, are adjustable and can be moved up and down to meet your storage needs. The deep gallon door bin and the freezer bins can be removed for cleaning.

Do not block

CAUTION: Make sure that items do not block or fall into the ice chute.

Operating Instructions

To remove any bin: Lift the bin up and pull it toward you.

Refrigerator bins

To replace or relocate: Engage the back side of the bin in the molded supports on the door. Then push down on the front of the bin. Bin will lock in place.

Safety Instructions

About the shelves and bins.

Top freezer bin

The snugger helps prevent tipping, spilling or sliding of small items stored on the door shelf. Place a finger on either side of the snugger near the rear and move it back and forth to fit your needs.

Installation Instructions

Spillproof Shelves and Freezer Shelves

The special edges are designed to help prevent spills from dripping to lower

To remove shelves:

Tilt shelf up at front, then lift it up and out of tracks on rear wall of refrigerator.

Troubleshooting Tips

To replace shelves:

Select desired shelf height. With shelf front raised slightly, engage top lugs in tracks at rear of cabinet. Then lower front of shelf until it locks into position.

Make sure you push the shelves all the way back in before you close the door.

Consumer Support

Safety Instructions

Refrigerator Doors

The refrigerator doors may feel different than the ones you are used to. The special door opening/closing feature makes sure the doors close all the way and are securely

The resistance you feel at the stop position will be reduced as the door is loaded with food.

When opening and closing the door, you will notice a stop position. When the door is at the 90 stop position, it will automatically close.

When the door is at 90 open, it will automatically close.

Beyond this stop the door will stay open.

Door Alignment

If doors are uneven, adjust the refrigerator

Installation Instructions

Operating Instructions

About the refrigerator doors.

Using a 7/32? socket wrench, turn the door adjusting screw clockwise to raise the door, counterclockwise to lower the door. (A nylon plug, imbedded in the threads of the pin, pre