GE Profile Performance™ 23.7 Cu. Ft. CustomStyle™ Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser and Water By Culligan™ TPS24PPDBS user guide

LightTouch! dispenser - chilled water, cubes and crushed ice.
Power cord.

USE OF ADAPTER PLUGS (Adapter plugs not permitted in Canada)

Because of potential safety hazards under certain conditions, we strongly recommend against the use of an adapter plug.

Troubleshooting Tips

However, if you must use an adapter, where local codes permit, a temporary connection may be made to a properly grounded 2-prong wall outlet by use of a UL-listed adapter available at most local hardware stores.

The larger slot in the adapter must be aligned with the larger slot in the wall outlet to provide proper polarity in the connection of the power cord.

When disconnecting the power cord from the adapter, always hold the adapter in place with one hand while pulling the power cord plug with the other hand. If this is not done, the adapter ground terminal is very likely to break with repeated use.

If the adapter ground terminal breaks, DO NOT USE the refrigerator until a proper ground has been established.

Attaching the adapter ground terminal to a wall outlet cover screw does not ground the appliance unless the cover screw is metal, and not insulated, and the wall outlet is grounded through the house wiring. You should have the circuit checked by a qualified electrician to make sure the outlet is properly grounded.

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Read and follow this Safety Information carefully.


Safety Instructions

About the controls on the refrigerator.

The controls will look like one of the following.

Operating Instructions

Fresh Food

Freezer Control

1. the WARMEST

9. the COLDEST

Installation Instructions

Initially, set the fresh food control at 5 and the freezer control at 5 and

allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize.

Moving the freezer control to OFF or stops cooling in both the fresh food and freezer compartments but does not shut off electrical power to the refrigerator.

Control settings will vary based on personal preferences, usage, and operating conditions and may require more than one adjustment.

Testing and Adjusting Temperatures

? The freezer supplies cold air for both compartments.

? The fresh food control maintains the temperature in the fresh food compartment by controlling the amount of cold air that flows from the freezer to the fresh food side.

? The freezer setting determines the compressor and freezer fan run times.

? Both temperature controls may need adjustment to get the desired temperature in the fresh food compartment.

To test the fresh food compartment, place a beverage on the top shelf.

After 24 hours, taste the drink. If the temperature is not satisfactory, adjust the setting.

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To test the freezer, place ice cream in the center of the freezer.

Check it after 24 hours.

If its too hard or too soft, adjust the setting.

Troubleshooting Tips

Several adjustments may be required. Each time you adjust controls, allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach the temperature you have set.

On some models. The controls will look like one of the following.

The Electronic Monitor and Diagnostic System controls dispenser functions and monitors the operation of your refrigerator.

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

About the controls on the refrigerator.



Troubleshooting Tips

Installation Instructions

Monitor and Diagnostic System lights up to indicate that no failure has been detected by the diagnostic system. flashes when either door is open. lights up when freezer food-keeping temperature is above normal.

Flashing diagnostic codes. What these codes meanand what to do when they appearis explained more thoroughly on the following pages.

Customer Service

SYSTEM CHECK-RESET from the display.


DOOR ALARM reviews the diagnosis of four coded functions and allows you to erase codes

, CRUSHED ICE and the signal light confirms your choice. lights up when the beeper has been set to sound after either door has been open 30

All panel lights come on for five seconds, a beep sounds, and lights go off except as

? PF flashes in the display. Touch SYSTEM

CHECK-RESET to erase it.

? NORMAL glows.

? CRUSHED ICE glows.

? DOOR OPEN flashes if either door is open, goes out when doors are shut.

? Night light in ice and water dispenser

Operating Instructions

? WARM TEMP glows until the refrigerator cools down. It goes off when proper foodkeeping temperat