GE® ENERGY STAR® 15.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator GTE16GTNLWW user guide

Large 11.58 cu. ft. fresh-food capacity.

When moving the refrigerator away from the wall, be careful not to roll over or damage the power cord.



Failure to follow these disposal instructions can result in death or serious injury

IMPORTANT: Child entrapment and suffocation are not problems of the past. Junked or abandoned refrigerators are still dangerous even if they will sit

IRUMXVWDIHZGDV,IRXDUHJHWWLQJULGRIRXUROG refrigerator, please follow the instructions below to help prevent accidents.

Before You Throw Away Your Old Appliance


? Leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside.

Refrigerant and Foam Disposal:

'LVSRVHRIDSSOLDQFHLQDFFRUGDQFHZLWK)HGHUDODQG/RFDO5HJXODWLRQV)ODPPDEOHUHIULJHUDQWDQGLQVXODWLRQ material used requires special disposal procedures. Contact your local authorities for the environmentally safe disposal of your appliance.


49-1000478 Rev. 1

The temperature control adjusts the refrigerator from its warmest to coldest settings.

Your refrigerator will come with the recommended


WKHNQREFORFNZLVHWRHLWKHUVHWWLQJRU)RU warmer temperature, turn the dial counter-clockwise

WRHLWKHUVHWWLQJRU7RWXUQRIIWKHFRROLQJLQ both compartments, turn the knob counter-clockwise to


Light Switch

Garage Operation

Models with dual temperature control have an adjustable

IUHH]HUFRQWURODQGFDQEHRSHUDWHGLQORFDWLRQVZLWK ambient temperatures between 38-110F (3.3-43.3C).

For cold ambient conditions 38-54F (3.3-12.2C) the fresh food should be set to setting 2 to prevent food from

IUHH]LQJLQWKHIUHVKIRRGFRPSDUWPHQWDQGWKHIUHH]HU setting should be adjusted to position 5 to prevent food


Fresh Food Control

Freezer Control

Cold Ambient Setting

Sabbath Mode

This product is capable of entering a Sabbath Mode.

Sabbath mode requires that the control knob and light switch are operated at the same time. The light switch is located just to the left of the control knob. To enter

Sabbath Mode, turn the control knob to position 5, then hold down the light switch. While the light switch is held down, turn the control knob to position 3. Once the control knob is in position 3, release the light switch. When you release the light switch, the light will turn off and the product is in Sabbath mode. To exit

49-1000478 Rev. 1

Sabbath mode, enter the same control knob/ light switch

VHTXHQFHXVHGWRHQWHU6DEEDWKPRGH,I6DEEDWKPRGH is not exited manually, it will end automatically after 96

KRXUV,ISRZHULVGLVFRQQHFWHGIURPWKHSURGXFWZKLOH it is in Sabbath mode, it will remain in Sabbath mode after power is reconnected. Sabbath mode does not deactivate the icemaker, if present. The icemaker must be turned off manually by moving the icemaker switch to the off position. The icemaker switch is located on the


USING THE REFRIGERATOR: Temperature Control / Garage Operaion / Sabbath Mode

Temperature Control


Fresh Food Compartment Shelves

Shelf supports at various levels allow you to custom-space your shelves. Not all features are on all models.

Full-Width Shelves

Some models have a stationary tempered glass shelf or two steel wire stationary shelves. These shelves can be moved to another place in the fresh food compartment.

When placed correctly on the shelf supports, the shelf will stop before coming completely out of the refrigerator and will not tilt when you place food on it or remove food

Wire shelf - lift back end and pull forward to remove

Pull glass shelves forward so the glass rests evenly on side rails. For units with glass shelves, rail positions 2 and 4/5 are recommended.

CAUTION 'RQRWFOHDQJODVVVKHOYHVRUFRYHUV with warm water when they are cold. Glass shelves and covers may break if exposed to sudden temperature changes or impact such as bumping or dropping.

Tempered glass is designed to shatter into many small pieces if it breaks.

Glass shelf - lift the front edge (1), push shelf back (2), lift shelf up and pull forward (3) to remove.

Rail Position 1

Rail Position 2

Rail Position 3

Rail Position 4

Rail Position 5

Rail Position 6

Freezer Compartment Shelves

When placed correctl