GE® 16.5 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator GTH17DBDWW user guide

Wire freezer shelf.
Remove desired number of cubes. Wash ice trays and storage bin in lukewarm water only. Do not put them in an automatic dishwasher.

About the freezer compartment shelves.

Step Shelf (on some models)

To remove the step shelf:

Lift left side of shelf slightly.

Move shelf to the left to free its right ends from holes in the cabinet wall.

Lower right side of shelf, move shelf to the right and take it out.

To replace the step shelf:

:LWKVKHOIWLOWHGDVVKRZQWOHIWHQGVRI shelf into holes in cabinet wall.

Lift left side of shelf slightly, swing shelf up,


About the storage drawers.

Not all features are on all models.

Snacks Drawer

The snacks drawer can be moved to the most useful location for your familys

Fruit and Vegetable Drawers

Excess water that may accumulate in the bottom of the drawers should be emptied and the drawers wiped dry.

About storage drawer and cover removal.

Not all features are on all models.

Adjustable Humidity Drawer (on some models)

Slide the control all the way to the

HIGH setting to provide high humidity

recommended for most vegetables.

Slide the control all the way to the LOW setting to provide lower humidity levels recommended for most fruits.

Drawer and Cover Removal

Drawers can be removed easily by grasping the sides and lifting up slightly while pulling drawers past the stop location.

To remove the cover,OLIWLWR?LWVVXSSRUWV pull it forward, tilt it and take it out.

Twin Drawer Shelf

To remove:

Remove the drawers.

Reach in, push the front of glass cover up, and at the same time, pull it forward as far as it will come.

Tilt it and take it out. Avoid cleaning the cold glass cover with hot water because the extreme


Remove the drawer frame. (Always remove the glass cover before you take out the drawer frame.)

/LIWWKHIUDPHR?WKHVXSSRUWVDWHDFKVLGHDQG back, pull it forward, tilt it and take it out.

To replace:

Lower the frame until it rests on the supports at each side and back.

Replace the glass cover, pushing its rear

HGJHUPOLQWRWKHUHDUIUDPHFKDQQHODQG gently lowering the front into place.

Replace the drawers.

About the automatic icemaker

A newly-installed refrigerator may take 1224 hours to begin making ice.

Feeler Arm

Power Switch

Feeler Arm in the

ON (down) position

Feeler Arm in the STOP

(up) position

Automatic Icemaker (on some models).

The icemaker will produce approximately

70-100 cubes. in a 24-hour period, depending on the freezer compartment temperature, room temperature, number of door openings and other use conditions.

If the refrigerator is operated before the water connection is made to the icemaker, set the switch OFF or move the feeler arm to the STOP

(up) position.

When the refrigerator has been connected to the water supply, set the switch ON position or move the feeler arm to the ON (down) position.


15F. A newly-installed refrigerator may take 12 to

24 hours to begin making ice cubes.

Once the icemaker starts to make ice, it may take

XSWRKRXUVWROOWKHELQGHSHQGLQJRQWKH temperature settings and number of door openings.

You will hear a buzzing sound each time the



Be sure nothing interferes with the sweep of the feeler arm.


It is normal for several cubes to be joined

If ice is not used frequently, old ice cubes will become cloudy, taste stale, shrink or fuse together.

Icemaker accessory kit:

If your refrigerator did not already come equipped with an automatic icemaker, an icemaker accessory kit is available at extra cost.


Care and cleaning of the refrigerator.

Cleaning the Outside appliance parts stores.

The door handles and trim (on some models). Clean with a cloth dampened with soapy water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Moving the Refrigerator

Keep the outside clean. Wipe with a clean cloth lightly dampened with kitchen appliance wax or mild liquid dish detergent. Dry and polish with a clean, soft cloth.

Do not wipe the refrigerator with a soiled dish cloth or wet towel. These may leave a residue that can erode the paint.

Do not use scouring pads, powdered cleaners, bleach or cleaners containing either bleach or ammonia because


The stainless steel doors and door handles (on some models) can be cleaned with a commercially available stainless steel cleaner. Cleaners with oxalic acid such as Bar

Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser will remove rust, tarnish