GE® ENERGY STAR® 18.1 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator GTH18ECBBB user guide

Never clean condenser.
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Safety Instructions

Operating Instructions

Installation Instructions

Troubleshooting Tips

About the temperature control dial.

Turning the dial to 0 stops cooling in both compartmentsfresh food and freezer. It does not shut off power to the refrigerator.

Temperature Control Dial (on some models)

The temperature control dial has nine settings plus 0. 1 is the warmest. 9 is the coldest. At first, set the dial at 5.

After using the refrigerator, adjust the dial if necessary.

Insert a coin into the slot in the middle of the dial and you can turn the dial to the setting that is best suited to your needs.

Allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to

About the fresh food compartment shelves.

Shelf supports at various levels allow you to custom-space your shelves. Not all features are on all models.

Half-Width Shelves

2 Lift up and out

One end of the shelf rests on a molded sidewall support; a bracket on the other end hooks into a track on the rear cabinet wall.

To remove, lift the shelf up at front, then off the support and out of the track.

To replace, select desired shelf height. With shelf front raised slightly, hook the brackets top lug into the track, then lower the shelf onto the support.

NOTE: The shelf to the right of the track is designed to hook into the right-hand slot; the shelf to the left is designed to hook into the left-hand slot.

Full-Width Shelves

Pull forward

To remove the full-width shelves

Some models have a steel wire sliding shelf, a stationary tempered glass shelf, a spillproof shelf or two steel wire stationary shelves. These shelves can be moved to another place in the fresh food compartment.

The full-width sliding shelf has stop-locks.

When placed correctly on the shelf supports, the shelf will stop before coming completely out of the refrigerator and will not tilt when you place food on it or remove food from it.

Pull forward and down

To remove a full-width shelf when the fresh food compartment door cannot be opened fully

About the freezer compartment shelves.

Step Shelf

To remove the step shelf:

Lift left side of shelf slightly. shelf to the left to free its right ends from holes in the cabinet wall. right side of shelf, move shelf to the right and take it out.

To replace the step shelf: shelf tilted as shown, fit left ends of shelf into holes in cabinet wall. left side of shelf slightly, swing shelf up, fit right ends of shelf into holes in

Consumer Support cabinet wall, and lower shelf into place.

About the storage drawers.

Not all features are on all models.

Fruit and Vegetable Drawers

Excess water that may accumulate in the bottom of the drawers should be emptied and the drawers wiped dry.

Not all features are on all models.

Snacks Drawer

The snacks drawer can be moved to the most useful location for your familys

About storage drawer and cover removal.

Safety Instructions

About the storage drawers.

Not all features are on all models.

Slide the control all the way to the

HIGH setting to provide high humidity recommended for most vegetables.

Slide the control all the way to the LOW setting to provide lower humidity levels recommended for most fruits.

Drawer and Cover Removal

Drawers can be removed easily by grasping the sides and lifting up slightly while pulling drawers past the stop location.

Full-Width Drawer with

Plastic Cover

Twin Drawer Shelf

To remove:

Remove the drawers.

To replace:

Lower the frame until it rests on the supports at each side and back.

Replace the glass cover, pushing its rear edge firmly into the rear frame channel and gently lowering the front into place.

Replace the drawers.

Reach in, push the front of glass cover

2 up, and at the same time, pull it forward 2 as far as it will come.

Tilt it and take it out. Avoid cleaning the cold glass cover with hot water because the extreme temperature difference may cause it to break.

Remove the drawer frame. (Always remove the glass cover before you take out the drawer frame.)

Lift the frame off the supports at each side and back, pull it forward, tilt it and take it out.

Installation Instructions

To remove the cover, lift it off its supports, pull it forward, tilt it and take it out.

Operating Instructions

Adjustable Humidity Drawer (on some models)

A newly-installed refrigerator may take 12 to 24 hours to begin making ice.

Automatic Icemaker (on some models)

Be sure nothing interferes with the sweep of the feeler arm.

When the bin fills to the level of the feeler arm, the icemaker will stop producing ice.

It is normal for several cubes to be joined

If ice is not used frequently, old ice cubes will become cloudy, taste stale and shrink.

NOTE: In homes with lower-than-