GE® 23.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity Top Freezer Refrigerator TBT24JABAA user guide

Equipped for optional automatic icemaker.
Temperature control panel. To reduce the amount of electricity required to operate your refrigerator, push switch to the left.

This turns off the unit in your refrigerator that prevents moisture from forming on the inside or outside surfaces.

With this unit turned off, moisture may form on the inside or outside of your refrigerator, especially when the weather is humid. The humidity is most likely to be high in the summer, in the early morning hours, and in homes which are not air conditioned.

Over an extended period of time, moisture that forms on the refrigerator surface may cause deterioration of the paint finish. It will be important to protect the finish by using appliance polish wax as described in the Care & Cleaning section.

The cost to operate the low-wattage unit is about the same as it costs to use two night lights.

When you move the anti-moisture switch to the right, low wattage electricity flows through the unit and warms the outside of the refrigerator and the top of the fresh food section. Under most conditions, this prevents the forming of moisture or water droplets.

It is not necessary to defrost the frozen food storage compartment or fresh food compartments. Although your refrigerator is designed and equipped to defrost itself automatically, some frost on packages is normal.

How to Test Temperatures

Use the milk test for the fresh food compartment. Place a container of milk on the top shelf in the fresh food compartment.

Check it a day later. If the milk is too warm or too cold, adjust the temperature controls.

Use the ice cream test for the frozen food storage compartment.

Place a container of ice cream in the center of the frozen food storage compartment. Check it after a day. If its too hard or too soft, adjust the temperature controls.

After changing the controls, always allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach the temperature you have set.

Temperature Control

Anti-Moisture Switch

Adjustable Shelves

(on some models)

Shelves in the fresh food and frozen food storage

Lift up and out compartments are adjustable, enabling you to make efficient shelf arrangements to fit your familys food storage needs. Steel shelves in the frozen food storage compartment in some models are adjustable in the

To remove shelves: Tilt the shelf up at front, then lift it up and out of tracks on the rear wall of the refrigerator.

Removable Bottle Rack

(on some models)

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Snuggers are designed to give you storage flexibility in Porta-Bins and on your fresh food door shelves. Items such as salad dressings, steak sauces and other condiments can now be kept securely against the door liner to help prevent tipping, spilling or sliding.

Place index finger and middle finger on either side of the snugger near the front and simply move it back and forth to fit your needs.

(on some models)

Cooking-serving-storage dishes with durable seethrough lids fit into a rack that hangs on the fresh food or freezer compartment door.

Dishes can be removed from and returned to the rack as needed, and the rack can be removed and located on either door in the same manner as the door bins.

Extra Frozen Food Storage Compartment Shelf

(on some models)

Adjustable Porta-Bins on fresh food and frozen food storage compartment doors can easily be carried from the refrigerator to the work area.

To remove: Slide Porta-Bin forward on molded supports until it comes completely out of the door.

To relocate: Select desired shelf height, engage Porta-Bins in the molded supports of the door, and slide in. Porta-Bin will hook in place.

Quick ServeTM System

(on some models)

Some models have an extra frozen food storage compartment shelf that allows you to use the frozen food storage compartment space more efficiently.

The bottle rack is designed to hold a bottle on its side and will fit on any shelf.

Porta-Bins on the Doors

To replace shelves: Select the desired shelf height. With shelf front raised slightly, engage top hooks in tracks at rear of cabinet.

Then lower front of shelf until it locks into position.

2 Lower to lock

Tempered glass shelves (on into place some models) are adjustable in the same manner.

Dishes and lids are safe for use in microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, and are dishwasher-safe. The dishes should not be used for cooking high-fat foods such as bacon and high-sugar foods such as candy and syrup. The high temperatures of the fat and sugar can cause bubbles to form on the inside of the dish.

CAUTION: Dishes and lids are not designed for use in the regular oven, on the range-top or in the broiler. Such use can be hazardous.

Quick Store Bin

(on some models)

This removable tilt-out bin made of

Lexan polycarbonate resin can be located on the fresh food or frozen food storage compartment door. It has been designed for convenient storage of those frequently used items that do not fit easily into a Porta-Bin or soonto-be-used items that require covered storage to keep from drying out.

To remove the bin, lift it up and out of the bin housing.

Quick Store Bin

To open, push the latch up and pull the bin handle forward.

To avoid damaging the refrigerator, make sure the bin is closed and latched before closing the refrigerator door.

To relocate the Quick Store unit, lift the bin housing up and out of the molded supports on the door, move it to the desired new location, and lower it onto the molded supports on the door. You do not have to remove the bin from the housing when relocating the Quick Store unit.

Bin Housing

2 Pull forward


Condiment Caddy

Beverage Rack

The condiment caddy keeps frequently used condiments together. It fits in your refrigerat