GE® 5.0 DOE cu. ft. capacity washer with stainless steel basket and steam GTWS8655DMC user guide

ENERGY STAR® qualified and CEE Tier III.
Select wash options, including Fabric Softener

Select options including

Pretreat/Bleach option.

Press Start.

Stain Removal Guide

Select Cycle and Push Button for stain options

Start and Unlock Lid

Press to wake up the display. If the display is active, press to put the washer into idle mode.

NOTE: Pressing POWER does not disconnect the appliance from the power supply.

Press Start to begin the cycle. NOTE: The lid must be closed for the washer to fill and the cycle to start. If the lid is open, LID will scroll across the display. If the lid is closed, the lid will lock, the LID LOCKED light will light, the detergent will be dispensed, and FILL will scroll across the

Pressing Unlock Lid will Pause the cycle and the Start indicator light will blink.

To continue the cycle, press Start again. If machine is paused more than 24 hours, the cycle will be cancelled. If water remains in the machine, select the Drain & Spin cycle to drain tub and spin water out of the washer tub.

Display and Status Lights

The display shows the approximate time remaining until the end of the cycle.

NOTE: The cycle time is affected by how long it takes the washer to fill. This depends on the water pressure in your home. The smart timer

learns the amount of time it takes to fill your washer and adjusts the total time accordingly.

In addition, this display will, scroll the washer status:

bALAnCINg Start of rebalancing cycle to redistribute clothes. Stops after rebalancing is complete.

CyCLE PrEP Sensing dry load size prior to fill (normal).

When Delay Wash is initiated. Replaced with estimated time when cycle starts.

End of current cycle.

Washer in a delay start (4 hour maximum) awaiting lower energy rates (see the Energy Smart section).

For the first 45 seconds of a fill, the estimated end of cycle time is displayed. For the rest of the fill time, FILL is scrolled until the fill completes.

H2O SUPPLY Can not sense water level (valves possibly turned off).

Water being heated for Sanitize cycle.

Cycle stopped because lid is open. Close the lid.

LOAd SenSE Sensing wet load size (normal).

Cycle paused because the Start/Pause button was pressed and the washer was set to Pause. Press Start button again to restart the cycle.

Cycle status lights:

Shows whether the washer is in the SOAK, WASH, RINSE or SPIN cycle.

Feature status lights indicate (see sections F, G and H for more details):

The My Settings feature is on for this cycle.

The lid is locked. See the Control

Lock description.

The washer is locked - will blink once if you press any button or turn the cycle knob.

The eWash feature is selected.

The signal is on. See the Variable Signal description.

A Delay Wash time is set.

The Energy Smart feature is selected. See About Appliance Communication section.

Wash Cycles-Cycle Selector Knob

The wash cycle controls the type of washing process. The Cycle Selector knob can be turned in either direction. Turning the knob after starting a cycle will stop the washer and change the cycle/options to the new selection. Press Start to begin the new cycle selection.

NOTE: When the knob is turned to another cycle, the tub light is turned on to assist in loading.

The chart below will help you match the wash cycle setting with your clothing.

Hand Wash*

For small loads of lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry. Provides light wash/rinse and short high speed spin.

For lingerie and special-care fabrics with light to normal soil. Provides light wash and low speed spin.

For items labeled hand washable with light soils. Provides an extra light wash and medium speed spin.

For washing medium to lightly soiled jeans. Provides normal wash and medium speed spin. (For heavily soiled work jeans, use Whites cycle.)

Dark Colors*

For non-colorfast cottons and blends or items that are labeled cold wash. Provides normal wash and medium speed

For heavy to lightly soiled whites, household linens, work and play clothes. Provides a heavy wash and a high speed spin.

Normal/Light Colors*


For heavy to lightly soiled colorfast cottons, household linens, work and play clothes. This cycle provides the best overall cleaning and should be used for most everyday items. Provides normal wash and medium speed spin.

Provides periods of agitation and soak tailored for washing towels and sheets. Provides normal wash and a high speed spin.

When selecting sanitize, the washer increases the water temperature to sanitize and remove 99.9% of bacteria found in home laundry. Provides an extra heavy wash and a medium spin.

NSF Protocol P172

Sanitization Performance of Residential and

Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes Washers

Bulky Items/

Comforters, Pillows

Quick Rinse

Drain & Spin


NOTE: The default Sanitize cycle water temperature (Hot) can NOT be changed.

For large coats, bed spreads, mattress covers, sleeping bags and similar large and bulky items. Large items such as blankets, comforters, jackets and small rugs. Provides a normal wash and an extra heavy spin.

Rinses and spins non-soiled items where a rinse only is desired. Provides an extra light wash and an extra high speed spin. Fabric Softener and Extra Rinse options are available with this cycle.

For draining the tub and spinning water out of the clothes.

Use for cleaning the basket of residue and odor. Recommended use of at least once per month.

NOTE: Never load laundry while using BASKETclean. The laundry may become damaged or contaminated.

See the Care and Cleaning section.

* Cycles available w