GE® Super Plus 3.2 Cu. Ft. Capacity Washer WJSE4150BCC user guide

Fabric softener dispenser.
Wash Cycle

The wash cycle controls the length of the washing process. The knob can be turned in either direction. Turning the Cycle Selector knob after starting a cycle will stop the washer and reset the cycle to the new selection. Press START to begin the new cycle selection.

Operating Instructions

REMEMBER: When choosing the cycle, the

Cycle Selector knob can be pointed anywhere within the shaded range for the cycle setting.

The Cycle Indicator Lights show what stage the washer is in. The wash time is the length of the wash agitation. The 6 MIN light will remain lit during drain and spin. When the Selector knob is set to a new cycle, the Indicator Lights will flash momentarily, showing what stages the cycle will go through.

On models without an Auto Soak option, the SOAK light will not light up.

The chart below will help you match the wash cycle setting with your clothing.

COTTONS/ For heavily to lightly soiled cottons, household linens, work and play clothes.

EASY CARE/ For wrinkle-free and permanent press items, and knits.

Troubleshooting Tips

DARK COLORS For noncolorfast items and blends.

CASUALS For wrinkle-free and permanent press items, and knits.

The HEAVY cycle has three agitate/pause cycles to clean your heavily soiled items.

The MEDIUM cycle has two agitate/pause cycles.

DELICATES For lingerie and special-care fabrics with light to normal soil.

QUICK RINSE For quickly rinsing chlorine, perspiration, stains, etc., out of clothes.

15 MIN/30 MIN For heavily soiled clothes. Begins with a brief agitation, soaks for a specified period of time, then moves

AUTO SOAK through the rest of the cycle automatically.

2nd RINSE Provides an additional cold rinse.

Consumer Support

Press START to begin the cycle. Pressing START again or raising the lid will PAUSE the cycle and the

Cycle indicator light will blink.

About washer features.

Safety Instructions

2nd Rinse Option (on some models)

When you use extra detergent or bleach to clean heavily soiled clothes, you may want to use the 2nd Rinse option. It provides a second deep cold rinse.

Extended Spin Option (on some models)

Use this option to extract more water from your clothes. Clothes will be drier when this option is selected and will dry more quickly in your dryer.

Auto Soak (on some models)

(appearance and features may vary)

This option adds a short agitation and soaking period at the beginning of the selected wash cycle.

AutoTemp senses the incoming water temperature and adjusts the cold water temperature to ensure that the incoming cold water is warm enough to dissolve the detergent.

Often, detergents are not completely dissolved in very cold water, especially in cooler climates.

Liquid Bleach Dispenser

The dispenser dilutes liquid chlorine bleach before it reaches into your wash load.

Check clothing care labels for special instructions.

Before starting the washer, pour measured amount of bleach directly into bleach dispenser. Avoid splashing or overfilling dispenser. If you prefer to use powdered bleach, add it into the wash basket with your detergent.

Measure liquid bleacXrefully, following instructions on the bottle.

? Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly onto clothes or into the wash basket.

? Do not pour powdered bleach into bleach dispenser.

Cleaning the Fabric Softener Dispenser

Remove the dispenser from the top of the agitator.

To clean the dispenser, soak both the dispenser cup and the dispenser cover in the following solution:

? 1 US gallon (3.8 liters) warm water

? 1/4 cup (60 ml) heavy-duty liquid detergent

? 1 cup (240 ml) bleach

If necessary, loosen buildup with a clean, soft cloth after soaking. Do not use a stiff brush; you may roughen the surface of the dispenser.

Rinse and reassemble dispenser. Place dispenser back on the agitator.

Separate the dispenser cup from the cover by grasping the top and pushing down on the inside of the cup with your fingers. Dispenser cup will pop free from the cover.

Troubleshooting Tips

? Do not mix chlorine bleach with ammonia or acids such as vinegar and/or rust remover.

Mixing can produce a toxic gas which may cause death.

Consumer Support

Separate for cleaning.

Operating Instructions

AutoTemp (on some models)

Safety Instructions

About washer features.

The Agitator Cap or Fabric Softener Dispenser (depending on model)

The agitator cap fits into the top of the agitator. If it accidentally comes off, simply put it back on.

Add water to dispenser until it reaches the maximum fill line.

The fabric softener dispenser automatically releases liquid fabric softener at the proper time during the cycle.

Do not stop the washer during the first spin.

This will cause the dispenser to empty too

Operating Instructions

To use, follow these steps:

Do not pour anything into the agitator if the agitator cap or dispenser is removed.

Make sure dispenser is securely attached to agitator.

Use only liquid fabric softener.

Pour into dispenser, using amount recommended on package.

Never pour fabric softener directly on clothes. It may stain them.