GE Profile™ 30" Warming Drawer JTD915SFSS user guide

Removable stainless steel pan.

ON/OFF Switch

Use this switch to turn the warming drawer on.

Consumer Support

ON Signal Light

Glows when the ON/OFF switch is in the ON position.

ON Signal Light Viewer Lens

The ON signal light is visible through the light viewer lens when the drawer is closed.

The warming drawer will keep hot, cooked foods at serving temperature. Always start with hot food. Do not use to heat cold food other than proofing yeast dough, crisping crackers, chips or dry cereal.

Control Knob

Turn the control knob to the desired

Operating Instructions

The warming drawer controls are hidden with the drawer shut. Open the drawer.

The controls are on the right side of the front frame.

PROOF ... ... ... ...

To use the warming drawer, press the

ON/OFF switch to the ON position.

LOW ... ... ... ... .

Slide the moisture selector control to the open or closed setting. (See the Moisture

Selector section.)

HIGH ... ... ... ... .

MED ... ... ... ... .

The ON signal light is visible through the light viewer in the drawer front panel when the drawer is closed. This is a reminder that the heat is on.

The moisture selector is located on the inside front of the drawer.

To keep foods moist, slide the moisture selector control away from the control knob. This closes the vent and seals the moisture inside the drawer. With the vent closed hot foods stay moist and soft.

Installation Instructions

Moisture Selector

Care and Cleaning

ON Signal Light

The ON signal light is located below the ON/OFF switch and glows when the

ON/OFF switch is in the ON position.

It stays on until the ON/OFF switch is moved to the OFF position.

Safety Instructions

Using the warming drawer.

To keep foods crisp, slide the moisture selector control to the right towards the control knob. This opens the vents and allows the moisture to escape.

With the vents open, it is normal for moisture to collect on surfaces above the warming drawer.

Troubleshooting Tips

In this setting condensation may occur around the inside edge of the drawer.

Additional Pans

Consumer Support

An accessory pan kit JXPN2 is available from GE at extra cost.

Two pans with lids (4 deep)

? One large pan (14 quarts)

? One medium pan (6 quarts)

? Rack will fit from front to back.

? Preheat with the rack in place.

? Using the rack allows for double stacking of items.

Operating Instructions

Safety Instructions

Using the warming drawer.

Double stacking items with the rack in position.

Care and Cleaning

When using the warming drawer

Do not line the warming drawer with aluminum foil.

? Allow time for the drawer to be preheated:

LOW 8 minutes

MED 15 minutes

HIGH 20 minutes

Installation Instructions

NOTE: It is not necessary to preheat the drawer for proofing.

Food in heat-safe glass and glass ceramic pans may need higher thermostat setting as compared to food in metal pans.

Troubleshooting Tips

? Repeated opening of the drawer allows the hot air to escape and the food to cool. Allow extra time for temperature inside the drawer to stabilize after adding items.

? With large loads it may be necessary to use a higher thermostat setting and cover some of the cooked food items.

? Food should be kept hot in its cooking container or transferred to a heat-safe serving dish.

? Aluminum foil may be used to cover food to prevent it from drying out.

Plastic containers or plastic wrap will melt if in direct contact with the drawer. Melted plastic may not be removable and is not covered under your

? Remove serving spoons, etc., before placing containers in warming drawer.

To Warm Serving Bowl and Plates

To warm serving bowls and plates set the control on LOW.

? Use only heat-safe dishes.

Consumer Support

? Place the empty dishes on the rack to raise them off the bottom of the drawer. If you want hotter dishes or want to heat fine china, please check with the manufacturer of the dishes for their maximum heat tolerance.

? Preheat empty serving dish while preheating the drawer.

? When holding hot, cooked foods and warming empty serving dishes at the same time, place the serving dishes on the high rack position and the food on the bottom of the drawer.

Dishes may be hot. Use pot holders or mitts when removing hot dishes.

To Proof Yeast Bread Dough

? Preheating not required for proofing.

Yeast dough can be proofed in the warming

? You must always turn the control knob to LOW then immediately back to PROOF.

? Close the vent.

? Lightly oil the top of the dough in a bowl large enough to double the dough size. Cover with a cloth.

Operating Instructions

? Check the dough height in 40 minutes. Add time as needed. The dough should remain in the drawer until it has doubled in size and a slight depression remains when the surface is touched gently with a finger.

? Place your dish on the warming drawer pan bottom.

Safety Instructions

To Crisp Stale Items

? Preheat on LOW setting and open

? Check crispness after 45 minutes. Add time as needed.

Temperature Selection Chart for Crisp Foods

Bread, hard rolls

Fried foods

Pies, two crusts

Potatoes, baked

Tortilla Chips

Control Setting

Moisture Selector Setting

Installation Instructions

To keep several different foods hot, set the temperature to the food needing the highest setting.

Place the items needing the highest setting on the bottom of the drawer and items needing less heat on the rack.

Care and Cleaning

? Place food in low sided dishes or pans.

Troubleshooting Tips

? Leave food uncovered.