GE® Household Water Filtration System GNWH38S user guide

Installation kit.
The location should align the filter system with inlet and outlet pipe and should not cause the pipes to bend or damage. Mark the distance

D on the pipe. D is about 73?4?.

Using a pipe cutter, cut pipe. Sand (file) cut ends of pipe to assure that they are square and smooth.

WARNING: A copper or galvanized cold water pipe may be used to ground electrical outlets in the home. Failure to maintain this ground path may result in an electric shock hazard. If the cold water pipe is used to ground electrical outlets, please refer to the Installing the

Ground Wire section before cutting the pipe.

Turn off the water supply and open a nearby faucet to drain the water out of pipes.

Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the distance D as shown.

? NOTE: It is recommended that the shut-off valve be placed before and after the filter as shown in the Installation Overview illustration.

? NOTE: Have a bucket and towel available to collect excess water.

Install Mounting Bracket and Fittings

Instructions are for installing fittings supplied with the filter system or similar fittings onto copper plumbing. If the unit is to be installed on any other type of tubing (plastic, PVC, galvanized), consult a qualified plumber for additional hardware.

Attach heavy duty mounting bracket to head assembly with four hex-head screws as shown in illustration.

Failure to use the bracket may result in a leak over time.

The bracket can be used as a template for marking the location of the mounting screws.

Apply 4 or 5 wraps of white sealing tape, in a clockwise direction, to the pipe threads of each fitting. DO NOT use joint compound on any parts sealing connecting to filter system.

Assemble fitting to the inlet and outlet of the head. Start each fitting by hand to make sure they dont cross thread. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten fittings. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

About 12 thread(s) should remain visible.

Use four hex washer-head screws to mount bracket to the wall firmly.

Use proper anchors on wall. Anchors are NOT included.

Attach Fittings to Water Line

Slip a compression nut onto each pipe.

Next, slip the brass ferrule onto each pipe.

Brass ferrule

Brass ferrule

Installing the Unit

Align filter assembly with pipe ends making certain that the incoming water supply is going into the filter opening marked IN. It may be necessary to spread the pipe ends apart to install filter assembly.

Using two adjustable wrenches, hold incoming fitting securely with one wrench and tighten nut with second wrench. Repeat this procedure for outgoing fitting.

If mounting bracket is not used, support the water pipe on either side of the filter unit.

Install a filter and tighten canister to seal (see filter cartridge replacement section).

Clean copper pipe and ends of wire with emery paper. Bare wire is recommended. If insulated wire is used, it should be stripped 1? at each end before cleaning with emery paper.

Attach bronze clamps to pipe. Tighten screws.

Installing the Ground Wire

NOTE: If your house plumbing is plastic, it would not be used as a grounding path, and this step should be skipped.

IMPORTANT: A copper or galvanized house cold water pipe is often used to ground electrical outlets in the home. Grounding protects you from electrical shock. The water filter system may have broken this ground path. To restore connection, install an 16? long, 6-gauge copper wire across the filter, tightly clamped using UL approved 1/2?1? bronze grounding clamps at both ends as shown.

Attach wire to clamps as shown.

Tighten screws firmly to the copper wire at stripped end.

Ground wire

Final Check

Install filter, if not already done (see Filter Cartridge Replacement

Slowly turn on water supply.

Check entire system for leaks.

If leaking from fittings, shut off water flow and tighten or reseal fittings. If leaking from the canister, tighten canister with a wrench.

After installation, flush the cartridge for 10 minutes, wait one hour, then flush again for 10 minutes before using the water.

Timer Installation and Reset Instructions

Timer base

Timer battery installation and change

Insert coin or screw driver in the slot between timer cap and base. Gently pry them open and separate time base from cap. Install or change 2 new AAA batteries.

After having the batteries in place, line up the base and cap and snap them back together.

Timer seat

It is recommended to change the batteries at least every 2 filter changes.

Blue reset button

Installation of timer

Hold the timer body in the center and gently push timer to its seat at the top of the head. Or attach it in a remote location for easy viewing.

Timer reset and application

After new batteries are installed or filter is changed, push and hold the timer blue reset button for approximately 5 seconds. Release the reset button after the light flashes 5 times. The light will flash again in

90 days to remind you that it is time to change the filter.


Part Description

Grounding Clamps and Wire

3?4? Copper Tube Fittings

Canister Wrench

Filter ElementCarbon Filter

Filter ElementPleated

Mounting Bracket

PM Installation Instructions

800.663.6060 (CanadaEnglish), 800.361.3869 (CanadaFrench).


Troubleshooting Tips

Save time and money! Review the chart below first and you may not need to call for service.

Possible Causes

What To Do

Water contains tiny black particles

New filter cartridges contain activated carbon, which is