GE® Smart 40 Gallon Tall Electric Water Heater GE40T10BLM user guide

Digital Display.
2. Press ENTER to accept the new setting.

NOTE: To change between F and C, press and hold MODE.


49-6000226 Rev. 1



The water heater is equipped with a combination temperature sensor and high limit Energy-Cut-Off control (ECO) that is located above the upper heating element in contact with the tank surface. If for any reason the water temperature becomes excessively high, the high limit control (ECO) breaks the power circuit to the heating element. Once the control opens, it must be reset manually. Resetting of the high limit control should be done by a qualified service technician.

CAUTION The cause of the high temperature condition must be investigated by a qualified service technician and corrective action must be taken before placing the water heater in service

2. With a flat blade screw driver, lower control housing about

1/8 at top pry location, to allow rotation of control for opening.

To reset the temperature-limiting control:

1. Turn off the power to the water heater.

2. Remove the electronic control display and insulation.

Open the electronic control housing by removing the screw beneath the display using a phillips-head screwdriver. Push the control display down and rotate the panel from the top to open and remove the insulation.

The thermostat protective cover should not be

3. Press the red RESET button.

4. Replace the insulation, control housing, and screw before turning on the power to the water heater.

5. Ensure water heater is operating properly after resetting the ECO.



ECO reset button location

3. Control can now be rotated downward to access ECO reset

(beneath insulation insert).

1. Once the Power is turned off at breaker, remove screw at base on control housing with Phillps head screw driver.


49-6000226 Rev. 1


Operating Instructions

Water Heater Capacity and Increasing Temperature

Setpoint (For Water Heaters without an Integrated

Mixing Valve):

The water heater temperature setting strongly impacts the amount of usable hot water available for showers and baths.

Energy consumption/savings and efficiency testing of water heaters is performed according to Department of Energy (DOE) requirements specified at the date of manufacture.

Safety regulations require a factory setting no greater than 125F (52C) for all new water heaters. Therefore, if your old water heater was set to a hotter temperature than your new water heater with a factory set setpoint of

120F (49C), the new water heater may seem to provide lower capacity than your old water heater. This can be corrected by increasing the temperature setpoint.

If more hot water capacity is desired, increasing the temperature from 120F to 135F (49C to 57C) will enable the same tank of hot water to last about 25% longer because less hot water is mixed in at the shower or faucet.

Increasing the water temperature setpoint may improve the cleaning performance of dishwashers and washing

The user can adjust the temperature setting to meet their needs. Always read and understand the safety instructions contained in the owners manual before adjusting the temperature setpoint.

Mixing Valves

For models with an integrated electronic mixing valve, hot water capacity can be increased by changing capacity selection from control, while maintaining outlet water temperature. See page 8 for instructions to increase hot water capacity.

If your model does not include an integrated Electronic mixing valve: a supplimental mixing valve for reducing point-of-use water temperature by mixing hot and cold water in branch water lines are commercially available.

Contact a licensed plumber or the local plumbing authority for further information.

Extended Shutdown Periods

If the water heater is to remain idle for an extended period of time, the power and water to the appliance should be turned off and the water heater drained to conserve energy and prevent a buildup of dangerous hydrogen gas. This unit has no power button, power can only be shut off at the circuit breaker or disconnect

The water heater and piping should be drained if they might be subjected to freezing temperatures.

After a long shutdown period, the water heaters operation and controls should be checked by qualified service personnel. Make certain the water heater is completely filled again before placing it in operation.

NOTE: Refer to the Hydrogen Gas Caution in the

Operating Instructions (see page 3).

49-6000226 Rev. 1

Displaying Temperature Setpoint

The control will display the temperature setpoint anytime a button on the control is pressed. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the display will go blank. Note that the

Mode and Capacity selection (if equipped) will remain illuminated in sleep mode. To wake the control at any time to see the temperature setpoint, press any button on the control.

Turning on the Water Heater

There is no power button for this unit. Once the water heater is wired and power is supplied, it will be on. The display will show the current water temperature setting.

To comply with safety regulations, the controls are factory preset to 120F (49C).

To Adjust the Temperature

Follow these steps:

1. Press the + or - button on the control panel key pad to desired temperature.

2. Press ENTER to accept the new setting.