John Deere 870G LC Compact Excavator user guide

Nothing runs like a Deere, because nothing is built like one.

Chances are, youve got plenty of people, equipment, and other resources relying on your excavators. And you can depend on our G-Series to deliver. Both 670G LC and 870G LC employ many of the same job-proven digging structures and hydraulic, electrical, and undercarriage components as their highly regarded D-Series predecessors. Youll also continue to profit from durability-enhancing extras such as welded boom bulkheads, reinforced D-channel side frames, heavy-duty cooling systems, and extended service intervals. When you know how theyre built, youll run a Deere.

Our IT4/Stage IIIB technology is simple, fuel efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported.

It employs field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for reducing NOx, and a diesel particulate filter and a diesel oxidation catalyst to reduce particulate matter. Periodic active and passive regeneration automatically cleans the filter without impacting machine productivity.

A John Deere exclusive, three welded bulkheads within the boom resist torsional stress for unsurpassed durability. In fact, boom, arm, and mainframe are so tough, theyre warranted for three years or 10,000 hours.

1. Thick-plate single-sheet mainframe, box-section track frames, and industry-exclusive double-seal swing bearings deliver rock-solid durability.

3. With strutted links and large idlers and rollers, the sealed and lubricated heavy-duty undercarriage delivers long and reliable performance.

2. Rigid, reinforced D-channel side frames provide maximum cab and component protection.

4. Highly efficient, heavy-duty cooling system keeps things cool, even in tough environments or high altitudes.

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Youll become a big fan of the

Swing open the service panels and engine covers, and youll discover many of the numerous ways we minimize maintenance, increase uptime, and reduce daily operating costs. Take the G-Series heavy-duty cooling systems, for example. Their hydraulically driven fans run only as fast or often as needed, reducing fuel consumption and wear-causing debris flow through the cooler cores. As always, grouped service points make quick work of the daily routine. Plus, easy-to-check sight gauges and fluid reservoirs, quick-change remote-mounted filters, and advanced self-diagnostics all help ensure that maintenance is no big deal.

Wide, slip-resistant steps and

Deere-walk, sturdy handrails,

and large easy-to-open service doors provide convenient access to grouped service points and major components.

Advanced self-diagnostics help you make timely decisions about machine upkeep.

Large fuel tanks and 500- and

4,000-hour engine and hydraulic oilservice intervals decrease downtime for routine maintenance.

Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics arent in use. Auto shutdown further preserves precious fuel.

Centralized lube banks place difficult-to-lube zerks within easy reach. Convenient color-coded chart helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked.

Diesel particulate filter is easily removed through the top of the engine compartment. Minimum service interval is 4,500 hours, and can be done by your John Deere

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1. Vertical spin-on fuel filters and hydraulic and engine oil filters simplify service and help minimize messes. Filters and checkpoints are conveniently grouped.

2. Fresh-air cab filter can be quickly serviced from outside the cab.

Where its more likely to get done.

3. Easy-to-navigate LCD monitor issues scheduled maintenance alerts. Should a problem arise, it provides diagnostic info and offers possible solutions to decrease

4. Their unique Turn-Kam retainer enables TK-Series bucket teeth to be installed or removed with a simple half-turn of a wrench. The hammerless system is standard on

John Deere buckets.

5. Coolers are well-protected behind heavy-duty hinged doors, yet readily accessible. Swing-out coolers further simply clean-out.

6. Standard reversing fan back-blows cooler cores to reduce debris buildup and help increase uptime.

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Manufacturer and Model

Isuzu 6WG1-iT4

Non-Road Emissions Standard

EPA Interim Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB

Net Rated Power (ISO 9249)

345 kW (463 hp) at 1,800 rpm


15.7 L (957 cu. in.)

Off-Level Capacity

70% (35 deg.)


Turbocharged, air-to-air charge-air cooler

2 cool-on-demand hydraulic-driven, suction-type fans with remote-mounted drives


2-speed propel with Autoshift

Maximum Travel Speed

3.6 km/h (2.2 mph)

5.2 km/h (3.2 mph)

Drawbar Pull

46 115 kg (101,666 lb.)


Open center, load sensing

Main Pumps

2 variable-displacement pumps

Maximum Rated Flow

489 L/m (129 gpm) x 2

Pilot Pump

Maximum Rated Flow

30 L/m (7.9 gpm)

Pressure Setting

3900 kPa (566 psi)

System Operating Pressure

31 900 kPa (4,627 psi)

34 300 kPa (4,975 psi)

29 400 kPa (4,264 psi)

Power Boost

34 300 kPa (4,975 psi)

Pilot levers, short stroke, low-effort hydraulic pilot controls with shutoff lever

Heat-treated, chrome-plated, polished cylinder rods; hardened steel (replaceable bushings) pivot pins

Rod Diameter

191 mm (7.5 in.)

130 mm (5.1 in.)

1806 mm (71 in.)

201 mm (7.9 in.)

140 mm (5.5 in.)

2164 mm (85 in.)

Bucket (1)

180 mm (7.1 in.)

130 mm (5.1 in.)

1555 mm (61 in.)


Number of Batteries (12 volt)

Battery Capacity

Alternator Rating

Work Lights

5 halogen (one mounted on frame, 2 mounted on boom, and 2 mounted on top of cab)