JVC LT-32DR7SJ Flat Panel Television user guide

Do not carry the

TV on your own!

? In order to prevent accidents, ensure that the TV is carried by two or more people.

? The power buttons on the remote control and the TV unit cannot completely turn off the

TV. (Make appropriate arrangements for bedridden people.)

When attaching the TV to the wall, use the optional

JVC wall mounting unit!

Unplug the power cord when going out!

3/6/2006 1:24:26 PM

Names of all the parts

Colour buttons




To teletext (P. 24)

? When watching ATV (P. 16) when viewing teletext (P. 24)

Direction of TV

? When watching TV / Video

Change the aspect ratio (P. 20)

Turn on 3D Cinema Sound (P. 20)

Tidying the cables


? When choosing a favourite channel (P. 29)

? When operating a JVC VCR or DVD (P. 26)

Take a snapshot of the screen (P. 20)

Check accessories

? To remove the cable cover, refer to the included sheet.

Remote control


AAA/R03 Batteries

For confirming the TV works


To attach the stand, refer to the included sheet.

Cable cover

Insert the batteries

Use two AAA/R03 dry cell batteries. Insert the batteries from the - end, making sure the + and - polarities are correct.


View in multi-picture mode (P. 28)

Change channel / page

To previous channel

View subtitles (P. 20)

View the electronic programme guide (EPG) (P. 22)

? If the cover cannot be closed due to the cables being in the way

? Do not force the cover to close (leave it open).

? Connecting terminals on the back of the TV ? Connecting External devices (P. 10)

? To remove the cable cover, refer to the included sheet.

Display on-screen menu (P. 34)

? When watching DTV


Cable cover

? For LT-32DR7BJ/SJ and

LT-26DR7BJ/SJ, the direction of the TV is fixed.

Switch between

TV / VCR / DVR / DVD / HC (P. 21)

Select and confirm settings in menus

To headphones (P. 10)

Remove the terminal cover

Watch video, etc. (P. 26)

? Power lamp lights while the TV is on.

? Power Lamp (P. 35)


Power On / Off

Remote control sensor

Channel information


Change channel / page

ON: Lit (Green)

OFF: Unlit

Change channel / page

Display on-screen menu / set

Power lamp

Power On / Off

Switch between

TV / AV devices

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Basic connections

Please read the user manuals of each device carefully before setup.

It is necessary to connect an aerial to watch TV.

? Connect with other devices ? Connecting external devices (P. 10)

Connect the aerial

Connect a VCR / DVD recorder

? After all the connections have been made, insert the plug into an AC outlet.

? Connect T-V LINK compatible recording device to EXT-2.

? T-V LINK ? What is T-V LINK? (P. 12)

? Connect the power cord only to a 220-240V, 50Hz

AC outlet.

? Installation requirements

? To avoid overheating, ensure the unit has ample

? When attaching the TV to the wall, use the optional JVC wall mounting unit

Contract with a broadcasting company beforehand.

1 Unplug the power cord

2 Insert the Viewing Card into the CAM.

3 Insert the CAM.

4 Plug the power cord, and turn the power on.

? Set pay-per-view ? (P. 40)

? The CAM and Viewing Card will be sent by the broadcasting company after contracting with them.

150mm 50mm


? Consult a qualified technician.

? See the included manual on mounting procedures.

? JVC assumes no responsibility for damage due to improper mounting.

? 200mm 200mm mount which conforms to VESA standards.

Watch pay-per-view

Care when setting

? Power requirements

VCR / DVD recorder

? After all the connections have been made, insert the plug into an AC outlet.


3/6/2006 1:24:53 PM

Connecting external devices

You can connect many different devices to the rear panel of the TV.

Please read the user manuals of each device before setting up.

(Connecting cables are not supplied with this TV.)

VCR / DVD / other devices

? Connect DVI devices

: signal direction

? T-V LINK ? (P. 12)

EXT-1 Watching videos

? Check for PC compatibility

? Technical information (P. 48)

? Use S-VIDEO ? S-IN (P. 27)

Game consoles

Composite signal Composite signal /

S-VIDEO (only for RGB / S-VIDEO

Sound L / R

Sound L / R


(T-V LINK compatible)

? Use S-VIDEO ? S-IN (P. 27)

? Use DTV S-OUT ? S-OUT (P. 27)

? Select dubbing sources

? DUBBING (P. 27)

? Connect a decoder

? Decoder (EXT-2) (P. 35)


Satellite broadcast tuner

EXT-3 Watching videos

Not available.

(For service adjustments)

EXT-4 Watching DVDs

DVD player

? Component Auto Select ? (P. 35)

(Watch pay-per-view P.9)

? HDMI Setting ? (P. 35)

? Audio signals received from

EXT-5 cannot be sent to the AUDIO OUT terminal.

DVD player

(HDMI compatible)

Listening to the TV on external speakers

Sound L / R


HDMI signal

Component signal

Sound L / R

EXT-5 Connecting

HDMI devices

Composite signal / S-VIDEO

Sound L / R

VCR / DVD recorder

Video camera

EXT-2 Dubbing

Using T-V LINK


Composite signal Composite signal /

Sound L / R


Sound L / R

To EXT-3 R/L (PC IN)

3/6/2006 1:24:55 PM

Initial settings

Register DTV / ATV channels on TV. These channels can be edited later.

(In this manual, digital broadcasting is indicated as DTV, and analogue broadcasting as ATV.)

? The remote control doesnt work

Installation > Automatic Search