JVC MODEL MX-KC4C Speaker System user guide

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Thank you for purchasing the JVC Compact Component System.

We hope it will be a valued addition to your home, giving you years of enjoyment.

Be sure to read this instruction manual carefully before operating your new stereo system.

In it you will find all the information you need to set up and use the system.

If you have a query that is not answered by the manual, please contact your dealer.

Here are some of the things that make your System both powerful and simple to use.

The controls and operations have been redesigned to make them very easy to use, freeing you to just enjoy the

With JVCs COMPU PLAY you can turn on the System and automatically start the Radio, Cassette Deck, or

CD Player with a single touch.

The great SEA (Sound Effect Amplifier) effects Rock, Pop and Classics are provided.

The RHYTHM AX provides rich sound even at low sound levels.

A 45-station preset capability (30 FM and 15 AM) in addition to auto-seek and manual tuning.

CD changer function can operate 3 discs.

Discs can be changed during play using the Carrousel tray (rotational tray).

Continuous, random or program play of 3 discs.

Two Decks enabling tape dubbing.

Timer functions; Daily Timer, REC (Recording) Timer, and Sleep Timer.

You can connect various external units, such as an MD recorder.

The CD Player can play back a CD-R and CD-RW.

How This Manual Is Organized and not repeated under each function.

If the button names on the Unit and the Remote Control are the same, the description on where the button is used will be omitted.

Use the table of contents to look up specific information you require.

We have enjoyed making this manual for you, and hope it serves you in enjoying the many features built into your System.


Installation of the System

Select a place which is level, dry and neither too hot nor too cold. (Between 5C and 35C or 41F and 95F.)

Leave sufficient distance between the System and a TV.

Do not use the System in a place subject to vibrations.

Power cord

Do not handle the power cord with wet hands!

Some power is always consumed as long as the power cord is connected to the wall outlet.

When unplugging the System from the wall outlet, always pull the plug, not the power cord.

Malfunctions, etc.

There are no user serviceable parts inside. In case of system failure, unplug the power cord and consult your dealer.

Do not insert any metallic object into the System.

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