Kenmore 71312 1.3 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven - White user guide

1.3 cu. ft. capacity fits large dishes 1,000W of power helps you cook delicious meals and snacks fast 3 sensor cook functions automatically adjust power levels and cooking times for effortless cooking Concave Reflection System concentrates the heat on your food for more even cooking One-touch cook buttons let you easily cook food with preset programs Child-safety lock helps prevent accidental opening Auto weight defrost settings take the guesswork out of thawing meat, poultry and fish Digital clock and timer for added convenience Add 30 seconds function allows you to easily start and extend cooking cycle
Warm, do not use it for microwave cooking.

4. Do not exceed 1 minute cooking time.


Materials you can use in microwave oven

Aluminum foil

Browning dish


Glass jars

Oven cooking

Paper plates

Paper towels

Plastic wrap


Shielding only. Small smooth pieces can be used to cover thin parts of meat or poultry to prevent overcooking. Arcing can occur if foil is too close to oven walls. The foil should be at least 1 inch (2.5cm) away from oven walls.

Follow manufacturers instructions. The bottom of browning dish must be at least 3/16 inch (5 mm) above the turntable. Incorrect usage may cause the turntable to break.

Microwave-safe only. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Do not use cracked or chipped dishes.

Always remove lid. Use only to heat food until just warm. Most glass jars are not heat resistant and may break.

Heat-resistant oven glassware only. Make sure there is no metallic trim.

Do not use cracked or chipped dishes.

Follow manufacturers instructions. Do not close with metal tie. Make slits to allow steam to escape.

Use for shortterm cooking/warming only. Do not leave oven unattended while cooking.

Use to cover food for reheating and absorbing fat. Use with supervision

for a short-term cooking only.

Use as a cover to prevent splattering or a wrap for steaming.

Microwave-safe only. Follow the manufacturers instructions. Should be labeled "Microwave Safe". Some plastic containers soften as the food inside gets hot. "Boiling bags" and tightly closed plastic bags should be slit, pierced or vented as directed by instructions on package.

Microwave-safe only. Use to cover food during cooking to retain moisture. Do not allow plastic wrap to touch food.

Microwave-safe only ( meat and candy thermometers).

Use as a cover to prevent splattering and retain moisture.

Materials to be avoided in microwave oven

Aluminum tray

Food carton with metal handle

Metal or metaltrimmed utensils

Metal twist ties

Plastic foam

May cause arcing. Transfer food into microwave-safe dish.

May cause arcing. Transfer food into microwave-safe dish.

Metal shields the food from microwave energy. Metal trim may cause

May cause arcing and could cause a fire in the oven.

May cause a fire in the oven.

Plastic foam may melt or contaminate the liquid inside when exposed to high temperature.

Wood will dry out when used in the microwave oven and may split or crack or begin to smoke.


Names of oven Parts and Accessories

Remove the oven and all materials from the carton and oven cavity.

Your oven comes with the following accessories:

Glass turntable

Turntable roller ring

Use & Care Guide

A) Control panel

B) Turntable shaft

C) Turntable roller ring

D) Glass turntable

E) Observation window

F) Oven Door

G) Safety interlock system

Turntable Installation

Turntable hub (underside) a. Never place the glass turntable upside down.

The glass turntable should never be restricted. b. Both glass turntable and turntable roller ring must always be used during cooking. c. All food and containers of food are always to be placed on the glass turntable for cooking. d. The turntable and roller ring must always be properly

Turntable shaft installed before operating. First place the roller ring in the floor of the oven cavity. Then fit the knobs of the turntable hub into the notches of the turntable shaft hub. When the turntable is securely in place the

Turntable roller ring turntable perimeter will be correctly positioned over the roller ring wheels. e. If glass turntable or roller ring cracks or breaks, contact the following customer assistance number:

1-844-553-6667 press 2

Countertop Installation

Remove all packing material and accessories.

Examine the oven for any damage