XBOOM Go PL2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Meridian Audio Technology user guide

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Turn up the volume.

- Plays, pauses or skips playback on the

Bluetooth mode. (Page 11)

- Receives a call on the Bluetooth device.

- Mutes the sound on the AUX mode.

- Use voice command of your smart device. Press and hold the N button for 2 seconds to use voice command. i SOUND BOOST

Changes sound effect. (Page 14) j Microphone

Getting Started

Getting Started a Battery LED b RESET button

Connects two speakers for Dual Mode.

(Page 23-24)

Listens to music from your portable device.

USB (C type) port for charging f Port cover


Charging the speaker

Checking the charging status

When speaker's battery is charging, you can check the charging status by Battery LED.

Charging with the AC adapter

This speaker uses built-in battery. Before using it, charge the battery by connecting the AC Adapter.

1. Connect the supplied USB cable to the AC


Battery is fully charged.

(DC IN) port of the

3. Plug the AC power cord into an AC outlet.

Battery is charging. yy When the power LED Blinks, the battery needs to be charged. yy If you listen to the music while charging, it will take longer to charge.

(Not supplied)

Operating time is approx. 10 hours. It is based on what fully charged the battery, continuous playback using 50 % volume level and turning off Sound Effect functions.

It may vary depending on the battery status and operational conditions.

AC adapter is not supplied. It is recommended that you use the 5 V AC adapter approved by

LG Electronics Inc. (more than 2 A) with this speaker because of danger of explosion. If you do not use the recommended adapter, charging is unavailable or charging time may differ. yy When the speaker is not charging by overheating, Battery LED blinks quickly in red.

And charging is stopped. yy If the Battery LED turns off while the battery is charging, it mean the battery is fully

2. Connect the USB cable to

10 Operating

Basic Operations

Bluetooth LED status

Check the Bluetooth LED blinks before connecting

Bluetooth device.

Using power button

Power On / Off

Press the 1 button.

Bluetooth Connection



Bluetooth LED blinks with the

Searching for

Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth LED turns on with the

Bluetooth device is connected. yy In AUX mode, Bluetooth LED turns off. yy Once pairing is performed, it does not need to be done again even if you turn off this unit. yy When switching AUX mode to Bluetooth mode, Bluetooth LED turns on but there is

Play the desired music on the Bluetooth device. After pairing, you can control playback using the buttons on the unit. (Page 11, 16-18)

Operating 11

Simple Operation Guide

Press the 1 button.

Power LED turns on with the sound.

Press the 1 button.

Power LED turns off with the sound.

Bluetooth pairing

When Bluetooth LED blinks, select

LG-PL2 (XX) from device list on your

Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth LED turns on with the

Multi phone pairing

Press and hold j for 2 seconds to add another Bluetooth device.

During the search for another device, the Bluetooth LED blinks. After pairing,

Bluetooth LED stays in white with the

Volume control

Press P or O.

When this unit reaches minimum volume or maximum volume, you can hear beep sound.

Play / Pause

Forward skip

Press N twice.

Backward skip

Press N three times.

Receive and disconnect a call.

Voice Command

Press and hold N for 2 seconds

You can speak to operate the voice command of your smartphone through speakers microphone

Sound effect

Press SOUND BOOST to select

Standard or SOUND BOOST.

When you press the SOUND BOOST button, the sound effect is changed.

LED Off is Standard and LED On is


Press the 3 DUAL button.

First hear beep sound at main speaker, and then at other speaker.

Bluetooth Initialization

Press and hold j for 7 seconds.

Power and Bluetooth LED blinks yy In Dual Mode, the multi phone pairing connection is not supported. (Page 23-24) yy You can adjust playback or volume by using your Bluetooth device. yy After initializing Bluetooth, it needs to reconnect with Bluetooth device. (In case of iOS devices, try to reconnect with Bluetooth device after deleted existing connection on Bluetooth device.)

12 Operating

Handsfree Function

You can receive incoming call on your Bluetooth device to this unit. Connect the unit to a Bluetooth yy During Handsfree Function, Voice Command is not supported. yy Only smartphone is available to use this yy To adjust the call volume, press P, O buttons on the unit. yy In Dual Mode, you can receive a call on only main speaker due to audio howling. (Page yy On some Bluetooth devices, when an incoming call is received, it might ring the built-in ringtone, (ex. Android devices) The

Built-in ringtone is not adjustable. yy In multi phone pairing mode, you can only receive the call of one of the connected devices on the speaker.

Receive a call.

End the call.

Reject a call.

Press and hold N for 2 seconds

Toggle between speaker and your phone during a call.

Press and hold N for 2 seconds yy If a call is connected between multi paired

Bluetooth device, hands free does not work correctly. yy Even if you switch to AUX mode while in

Bluetooth connection status, you can still use this function. yy When you receive a call by using the talk button on your phone, the call will be connected to your phone. If you want to talk via the speaker, It will need to be changed to speaker mode on your phone. (Only iOS yy If you do not want to use this function, disable the Bluetooth setting on your phone.

Connect Bluetooth again to us