Pentax S5Z Digital Camera user guide

A notification confirming [Hardware Found : PENTAX OPTIO S5z] (Windows Me/2000/XP) or [Search for the best driver for your device (Recommended)] (Windows 98/98SE) in the task bar recognized area to begin the installation.

Click [Start], then select [My Computer] (Windows XP).

When using Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000, double-click [My Computer] on the desktop.

When the installation is completed, your camera can then be found in the [My Computer] window as [Removable Disk]. Be sure that [Removable Disk] is displayed in the [My

Computer] window.

You can choose the languages from the displayed screen.

The software selection screen appears.

Click [Finish].

Reboot your computer after the screen closes.

If your PC is running Windows Media Player earlier than version

7.1, a message such as the one shown on the right may appear during installation.

In this case, follow the instructions below to update Windows Media

Player before installing the software.

1 Cancel installation of ACDSee for PENTAX.

[Cancel] and click [Finish] when the message appears telling you that the software has been successfully installed.

2 Follow 4 in Step 3 to install Windows Media Player first and then reinstall ACDsee for


The panoramic image software ACD photostitcher, the image layout and printing software FotoSlate 3.0, and the movie editing software ACD Showtime! for PENTAX are also installed when you install all program features of ACDSee for PENTAX 2.0

(complete installation).

Even when you complete the installation the icon of ACD Photostitcher is not displayed.

Install Windows Media Player and DirectX.

If Windows Media Player and DirectX are not installed in your

PC, install them before installing ACDSee for PENTAX 2.0.

Click [Windows media player] or [DirectX]. Leave other settings at default and click [Next] when the Setup screen appears. When installation is completed, the software selection screen reappears.

If QuickTime and DirectX are not installed in your PC, a message such as the one shown on the right appears when ACDSee for

PENTAX 2.0 is run for its first time.

Click [Close] and install DirectX from the [PENTAX Software

Installer] screen.

? If DirectX is not installed in your PC, operation of ACDSee for

PENTAX 2.0 is not guaranteed.

Windows, Macintosh

When the ACDSee Device Detector screen does not appear

Setting Up Your Digital Camera

Setting the USB Connection Mode to [PC]

Press the 3 button.

Press the four-way controller (5) to display the [H Setting] menu.

Use the four-way controller (23) to select [USB


Press the four-way controller (5).

Date Adjust

A pop-up menu appears.

Use the four-way controller (23) to select [PC].

Press the OK button.

World Time


USB Connection PC

Double-click the [ACDSee for PENTAX] icon on the

This section describes the procedures for installing ACDSee for PENTAX, which lets you view and edit images transferred to your Macintosh.

Double-click [Removable Disk].

If the SD Memory Card has a volume label, the volume label name appears instead of

[Removable Disk]. A new unformatted SD Memory Card may show the manufacturer name or model number.

If the digital camera is connected to your PC in [PictBridge] USB Connection mode, the images cannot be transferred. Disconnect the USB cable from your camera and PC, follow the instructions in Setting Up Your Digital Camera to set the USB Connection mode to [PC], and then reconnect the USB cable.

We recommend using an AC Adapter D-AC8 (optional) when connecting your camera to your computer. Your image data could be corrupted if your batteries run out during image

Turn your Macintosh on.

Insert the CD-ROM (S-SW35) into the CD-ROM drive.

Double-click the CD-ROM (S-SW35) icon.

Double-click the [Install ACDSee] icon.

The PENTAX Software Installer screen appears.

Double-click the [Master Installer] icon to display the PENTAX Software Installer screen.

You can choose the languages from the displayed screen.

A selection screen to install your desired software appears.

Double-click the [DCIM] folder.

Images are stored in folder [xxxPENTX], where xxx is a threedigit folder number.

Transferring Images to a Windows PC

If you connect your computer to the camera and as the power is switched on, the camera will be recognized automatically. You can transfer an image to your computer after ACDSee

Device Searching display appears on the screen.

If the message [CarbonLib-xxxxx could not be found] appears during installation;

You must add the extension file CarbonLib to the Extension folder in the System folder in order to install the provided software in Mac OS 9.2.

This message appears when this extension file does not exist or when an older version of the file exists.

The latest version of the CarbonLib file is available on the Apple website. Download the file and then install it.

?Contact Apple for detailed information on how to use the CarbonLib file.

If you install ACDSee for PENTAX, a photo-stitching software application, ACD photostitcher, is installed at the same time.

When you have completed the installation, folder will be created in ACDSee for

PENTAX. To run ACD photostitcher, double-click [ACD photostitcher] icon in the [ACD