Seagate ST31276A Computer Drive user guide

Using the Auto drive-type setting. If your computer does not provide this option, you must manually enter the number of cylinders, heads, and sectors per track for your new drive, as shown in the table below.

Cylinders Sectors

ST31276A 16

1275 Mbytes

ST31082A 16

1080 Mbytes

ST3636A 16

635 Mbytes

*1 Mbyte = 1,000,000 bytes

3. Save the drive-type settings and exit the system setup program.

You will have to reboot your computer for the changes to take

4. At the DOS prompt, type A:DM. Press [ENTER] to run Disk

5. Follow the instructions on your computer screen. From the main menu, select (E)asy Disk Installation. Then press [ENTER].

6. At this point, Disk Manager lists all the hard drives that it can recognize. You should see your new Seagate drive and your old hard drive (if any). If Disk Manager recognizes all your drives, select the new drive you wish to install and press [ENTER]. Disk

Manager will format and partition your new drive.

If a hard drive is not recognized, exit Disk Manager and turn off your computer. Check all cables, jumpers and BIOS settings. Then run Disk Manager again.

7. Follow the instructions on the Disk Manager post-installation screens. You're done!

1) If your computer does not require software support for large hard drives, Disk Manager will optimize your system BIOS settings, then partition and format your new hard disc.

2) If Disk Manager has installed software to help your computer access a large hard drive, you should see a blue Disk Manager banner each time you boot your computer. In this case, if you need to boot from a diskette instead of from your hard drive, see the Disk

Manager online manual for instructions.

3) To view the Disk Manager online manual, insert the Disk Manager diskette and type A:DM /H. Then press [ENTER]. You can also view the online manual from within Disk Manager by selecting (V)iew/Print

Online Manual in the main menu.