Sony CDX-CA650X CD Player user guide

(3) REP 11

(6) SHUF 11

RADIO 14, 15, 17, 18 o MODE button

CD/MD 10, 12

RADIO 14, 15, 17 p SOUND button 21, 23 q AF button 16, 18 r TA button 17, 18 s OFF (Stop/Power off) button* 8, 9 t ENTER button

RADIO 15, 19

MENU 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 22, 23,

* Warning when installing in a car without an ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch

After turning off the ignition, be sure to press

(OFF) on the unit for 2 seconds to turn off the clock display.

Otherwise, the clock display does not turn off and this causes battery drain.

Card remote commander RM-X114






(): to select leftwards/


(+): to select upwards

(+): to select



(): to select downwards

In menu mode, the currently selectable button (s) of these four are indicated with a M in the display. u DISC/PRESET buttons (+/)

CD/MD 10, 12

RADIO 14, 15, 19

MENU 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 22, 23, v SEEK buttons (/+)

RADIO 14, 15, 16

MENU 9, 11, 13, 19, 21, 22, 23

The corresponding buttons of the card remote commander control the same functions as those on this unit.

DSPL button

MENU button

SOURCE button


SOUND button

OFF button

VOL (/+) buttons

MODE button

LIST button

DISC/PRESET(M/m) buttons

ENTER button

ATT button

If the unit is turned off by pressing (OFF) for 2 seconds, it cannot be operated with the card remote commander unless (SOURCE) on the unit is pressed, or a disc is inserted to activate the unit first.

Refer to Replacing the lithium battery for details on how to replace the batteries (page 25).


Notes on discs

If your car was parked in direct sunlight, allow the unit to cool off before operating it.

Power aerials will extend automatically while the unit is operating.

To keep the disc clean, do not touch the surface.

Handle the disc by its edge.

Keep your discs in their cases or disc magazines when not in use.

Do not subject the discs to heat/high temperature. Avoid leaving them in parked cars or on dashboards/rear trays.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in this manual, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Moisture condensation

On a rainy day or in a very damp area, moisture condensation may occur inside the lenses and display of the unit. Should this occur, the unit will not operate properly. In such a case, remove the disc and wait for about an hour until the moisture has evaporated.

To maintain high sound quality

Be careful not to splash juice or other soft drinks onto the unit or discs.

Do not attach labels, or use discs with sticky ink/residue. Such discs may stop spinning when used, causing a malfunction, or may ruin square, star) cannot be played on this unit.

Attempting to do so may damage the unit. Do not use such discs.

You cannot play 8cm CDs.

Before playing, clean the discs with a commercially available cleaning cloth. Wipe each disc from the centre out. Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, commercially available cleaners, or antistatic spray intended for analog discs.

Notes on CD-R discs

You can play CD-Rs (recordable CDs) designed for audio use on this unit.

Look for this mark to distinguish CD-Rs for audio use.

Getting Started

Resetting the unit

This mark denotes that a disc is not for audio use.

Some CD-Rs (depending on the equipment used for its recording or the condition of the disc) may not play on this unit.

You cannot play a CD-R that is not finalized*.

* A process necessary for a recorded CD-R disc to be played on the audio CD player.

Before operating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset

Remove the front panel and press the

RESET button with a pointed object, such as a ballpoint pen.

RESET button

Pressing the RESET button will erase the clock setting and some stored contents.

Detaching the front panel

You can detach the front panel of this unit to protect the unit from being stolen.

Attaching the front panel

Place hole A of the front panel onto the spindle

B on the unit, then lightly push the left side in.

Press (SOURCE) (or insert a CD) to operate the

Caution alarm

If you turn the ignition switch to the OFF position without removing the front panel, the caution alarm will beep for a few seconds.

If you connect an optional amplifier and do not use the built-in amplifier, the beep sound will be deactivated.

Press (OFF)*.

CD/MD playback or radio reception stops

(the key illumination and display remain on).

* If your car has no ACC position on the ignition switch, be sure to turn the unit off by pressing

(OFF) for 2 seconds to avoid car battery drain.

Press (OPEN), then slide the front panel to the right, and gently pull out the left end of the front panel.

If you detach the panel while the unit is still turned on, the power will turn off automatically to prevent the speakers from being damaged.

Do not drop or put excessive pressure on the front panel and its display window.

Do not subject the front panel to heat/high temperature or moisture. Avoid leaving it in parked cars or on dashboards/rear trays.

When carrying the front panel with you, use the supplied front panel case.

Do not put anything on the inner surface of the front

Setting the clock

The clock uses a 24-hour digital indication.

CD/MD Unit (optional)

Example: To set the clock to 10:08

Press (MENU), then press either side of (DISC/PRESET) repeatedly until

CLOCK appears.

In addition to playing a CD with this unit, you can also control external CD/MD units.

If you connect an optional CD unit with the CD TEXT function, the CD TEXT information will appear in the display when you play a CD TEXT disc.

Playing a disc

1 Press (ENTER).

The hour indication flashes.

2 Press either side of (DISC/PRESET) to set the hour.

(With this unit)

Press (OPEN) and insert the disc

(labelled side up).

Close the front panel.

Playback starts automatically.

3 Press the (+) side of (SEEK).

The minute indication flashes.

4 Press either side of (DISC/PRESET) to set the minute.

Press (ENTER).

The clock starts. After the clock setting is completed, the display returns to normal play

You can set the clock automatically w