Sony MHC-GNX700 Stereo System user guide

Surround speaker*2

Subwoofer A*1

Front speaker (Right)

*1 MHC-GNX880/GNX800/GNX700

*2 MHC-GNX880/GNX800

*3 MHC-GNX880/GNX780 only

Front speaker (Left)

1 Connect the front speakers.


Getting Started

Connect the speaker cords of the front speakers to the FRONT SPEAKER terminals as shown below.


(MHC-GNX900/GNX780 (SS-GNX900/

GNX780) only)

Connect the speaker cords to the terminals on the

To disconnect

(MHC-GNX880/GNX800 only)

Connect the subwoofer cord of the

Subwoofer B (SS-WGV880B/

SS-WG800B) to the Subwoofer A

(SS-WGV880A/SS-WG800A) terminal as

shown below.

Subwoofer A terminal

2 Connect the surround speakers.

(MHC-GNX880/GNX800 only)

Connect the speaker cords of the surround speakers to the SURR SPEAKER terminals as shown below.

Be sure to make this connection before you connect the units power cord to a wall outlet.

4 Connect the video input jack of your TV to the VIDEO OUT jack with the supplied video cord.

(MHC-GNX880/GNX780 only)

3 Connect the subwoofer.

(MHC-GNX880/GNX800/GNX700 only)

Connect the subwoofer cord of the

Subwoofer A to the SUBWOOFER OUT terminal and the system cord to the

SYSTEM CONTROL jack as shown

When using a TV

Turn on the TV and select the video input so that you can view the pictures from this system.

5 Connect the FM and AM antennas.

Set up the AM loop antenna, then connect

Inserting two R6 (size AA) batteries into the remote

AM loop antenna

Extend the FM lead antenna horizontally

6 For models equipped with a voltage selector, set VOLTAGE SELECTOR to the position of your local power line

Brazil model only

Other models


If you do not use the remote for a long period of time, remove the batteries to avoid possible damage from battery leakage and corrosion.


With normal use, the batteries should last for about six months. When the remote no longer operates the system, replace both batteries with new ones.

Attaching the speaker pads

Attach the supplied speaker pads to the bottom of the speakers to stabilize the speakers and prevent them from slipping.

7 Connect the power cord to a wall

The demonstration appears in the display.

When you press ?/1, the system turns on and the demonstration automatically ends.

If the supplied adaptor on the plug does not fit your wall outlet, detach it from the plug

(only for models equipped with an adaptor).

Install this system so that the power cord can be unplugged from the wall socket immediately in the event of trouble.

Keep the speaker cords away from the antennas to prevent noise.

(MHC-GNX880/GNX800 only)

Be sure to connect both left and right surround

Be sure to match the color of the speaker terminals on the unit and the connectors.

Be sure to connect the speakers securely and correctly. When connecting speaker cords, insert the connectors straight into the terminals.

To connect optional components

See Hooking up optional components on page 27.

When carrying this unit

Do the following procedure to protect the disc mechanism.

Use buttons on the unit for the operation.

1 Press ?/1 to turn on the system.

2 Press CD.

3 Make sure that all discs are removed from the unit.

4 Hold down CD, then press ?/1 until

MECHA LOCK appears in the display.

5 Release ?/1 first, then release CD.

6 Unplug the AC power cord.

Positioning the speakers speaker (L) speaker (R)

Subwoofer B

Subwoofer A

Use buttons on the remote for the operation.

Press ?/1 to turn on the system.


CLOCK appears in the display. Then, the hour indication flashes in the display.

Press . or >+ repeatedly to set

Press ENTER.

The minute indication flashes in the speaker (R) speaker (L)

Getting Started

Place the front speakers at an angle of 45 degrees from your listening position.

Place the surround speakers beside the front speakers as shown below.

MHC-GNX880/GNX800 only

Setting the clock

Press . or >+ repeatedly to set the minute.

Press ENTER.

The clock starts functioning.

MHC-GNX900/GNX780/GNX700 only


To adjust the clock


SET appears in the display, then PLAY