Sony MVC-FDR1, MVC-FDR1E Network Card user guide

NTSC system

Bahama Islands, Bolivia, Canada, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica,

PAL system

Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great

Britain, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal,

Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, etc.

PAL-M system

PAL-N system

Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay

SECAM system*

Bulgaria, France, Guiana, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Monaco, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

* If your TV color system is SECAM, set the monitor image select switch to the

SOURCE position as described on page 15.

Before using the image capture adaptor


Do not shake or strike the image capture adaptor

Malfunctions, inability to record images or to use floppy disks, image and memory data breakdown, damage or loss may occur.

Do not get the image capture adaptor wet

If moisture condensation occurs, refer to Precautions on page 28 and follow instructions on how to remove the condensation before using.

Back up recommendations

To avoid the potential risk of data loss always copy (back up) data to a disk.


Connect to the TV.

To view the image recorded on a floppy disk and/or the on-screen display, connect the

TV as shown below. You can view higher quality images with S video cable connection.

For MVC-FDR3/FDR3E only

You can view the image on the LCD screen instead of connecting the unit to the TV.

LCD lock release button


S video cable

(not supplied)

Video cable


: Signal flow

Turn on the power.

In advance:


Turn on the TV and set the TV/VCR selector on the TV


Press the LCD lock release button and open the LCD

(1) Connect the AC power adaptor to the power cord and to the image capture

Arrow mark

(2) Connect the power cord to the wall outlet.

(3) Press POWER.


Insert the floppy disk until it clicks.

Before inserting, check that the write protect tab is set to the recordable position.

To view the image, see page 16.

Slide the tab to shut the opening.

Floppy disk eject button

To eject the floppy disk

Press the floppy disk eject button.

Using the control button

You can select an item in the menu which appears on the LCD screen by pressing the upper, lower, left or right side of the control button. When an item is selected, the color of the item changes from blue to yellow. To enter your selection, press the center of the control button.

Setting the date and time

To store the file in the MS-DOS system, you need to set the date and time. Otherwise, the file will be stored with wrong date and time, and the CLOCK SET menu will appear each time you turn on the power.

When you use the image capture adaptor for the first time

Since the CLOCK SET menu appears when you turn on the power, skip steps (2) and (3)

(1) Press POWER to turn on the power.

If the I indicator appears on the LCD screen, replace the lithium battery according to the procedures on page 26.

(2) Select MENU with the control button, then press it.

The menu appears on the LCD screen.

To cancel menu screen, select RETURN with the control button, then press it.

(3) Select CLOCK SET with the control button, then press it.



8 10: 20AM

(4) Select the desired display of the date with the control button, then press it.

Y/M/D (year/month/day)

M/D/Y (month/day/year)

D/M/Y (day/month/year)

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(5) Select the date and time with the control button, then press it.

The item to be changed is indicated with 4/$.

Select number by pressing the upper side or lower side of the control button, then press it to enter the number.

After entering the number, 4/$ moves to the next item.

When you selected D/M/Y, set the time on a 12-hour cycle.

12:00 AM stands for midnight.

8 10: 20AM

12:00 PM stands for noon.

(6) Select ENTER with the control button, then press it to start the clock.

To cancel setting the date and time

Select CANCEL with the control button, then press it.

Recording images

You can record images from TV, video equipment, video game, etc., on a floppy disk in the form of a still image.


Connect the source to be recorded as shown below. Then, turn on the power and insert the floppy disk (p. 7 - 8).

You can record higher quality images with S video cable connection.


If you want to check the image during recording, connect the TV as shown on page 7 in addition to the below connection.

S video cable

(not supplied)


Video cable