SV1107IPEXT Switch user guide

Instruction Manual

Hardware Guide


System Reset: Pressing and holding this switch in for more that three seconds performs a system reset

Reset Switch

Restore Factory Default Settings: Power off the

SV1107IPEXT, then press and hold the reset switch for at least 3 seconds while reconnecting power

Please Note: This will not reset users or passwords

ORANGE: Indicates 10 Mbps connection

10/100 Mbps

Flashes GREEN to indicate that a Client program is accessing the device.

ORANGE: SV1107IPEXT unit is powered and ready to operate.

GREEN: Indicates a 100 Mbps connection

The network Ethernet cable connection

Instruction Manual

Hardware Guide - Contd


Power Jack


The connection for the cable that links the

SV1107IPEXT to your computer

USB Console

This is the connection for the local console cable

(USB keyboard, monitor, and USB mouse). Each port is color coded and marked with an appropriate icon for identification*

Virtual Media

The connection for the virtual media cable that connects the SV1107IPEXT to a USB port on your computer - allowing file transfers to occur

The power adapter connection

The network Ethernet cable connection

Please Note: if you are using a wireless keyboard/mouse set, connect the receiver to the Keyboard port of the KVM cable

Instruction Manual

Computer Preliminary Setup

Find your computers IP address and default Gateway by doing the following:

1. Click on Start, then RUN.

2. Enter CMD in the text box.

3. Click on [OK] or press the [Enter] key.

4. When the command line window opens, Type ipconfig, then press

5. Look for the heading that says Ethernet adapter Local Area


6. Write down the IP Address and Default Gateway. If the first three groups of numbers of your IP Address happens to be 192.168.0, proceed to Hardware Set Up.

7. Exit the command line by clicking on the X on the top right corner of the Command line window SV1107IPEXT preliminary setup

Instruction Manual

SV1107IPEXT Preliminary Setup

Connect the SV1107IPEXT and your computer to your network using the following diagram. This is a preliminary set up, so no other connections are needed.

Ethernet Cable (Supplied)


Most home networks use automatic IP Addressing, and the SV1107IPEXT is provided with a default fixed IP address of Therefore, to log in for the first time, you must have your computer and the

SV1107IPEXT on the same network.

Be sure to write down your existing settings prior to changing anything so you can return to them after the initial set up.

The instructions on the following pages will explain how to put your computer and SV1107IPEXT on the same network; the first set of instructions cover Windows XP and 2000, the second set explains Windows Vista.

Instruction Manual

Windows XP and 2000

1. Locate, and double-click on the Network

Connections icon, within the Windows

Control Panel.

2. Right-click on Local Area Connection

(or Wireless network connection)

3. Select Properties. Under the General tab highlight Internet Protocol TCP/IP

4. Click on the Properties button.

5. Click on the Radio button titled Use the following IP address

6. In the top text block, labeled IP

Address, Enter:

7. In the center block, labeled Subnet

Mask, enter:

8. Click on OK, then wait a few moments for the computer to refresh its IP Address.

Windows Vista

1. Enter the Control Panel; select Network and Sharing Center.

2. Select Manage network connections.

3. Select Local Area Connection, then right-click Properties.

4. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

5. Select Properties.

6. Select Use the following IP Address; then, in the top text block, labeled IP Address, enter: 192.168