Wagner SprayTech 27 - 31 Paint Sprayer user guide

Processing and cleaning units.

Max. operating pressure

Max. permissible operating pressure for spray gun, spray gun accessories and high-pressure hose may not fall short of the maximum operating pressure of 250 bar (25 MPa) stated on the unit.

High-pressure hose (safety note)

Electrostatic charging of spray guns and the high-pressure hose is discharged through the high-pressure hose.

For this reason the electric resistance between the connections of the high-pressure hose must be equal or lower than 1 M?.

For reasons of function, safety and durability use only original WAGNER high-pressure

Electrostatic charging (formation of sparks or

Under certain circumstances, electrostatic charging can occur on the unit due to the rate of flow of the coating material when spraying. On dischargDanger ing this can result in the emergence of sparks or fire. It is therefore necessary that the unit is always earthed through the electrical installation. The connection must take place through a correctly earthed two-pole-andearth socket outlet.

Using unit on construction sites

Connection to the mains only through a special feed

INF ? 30 mA.

Loading the socket at the unit

Do not load the socket with more than 1000 Watt. Unroll any connected cable drum completely.

Super Finish 27 31

Ventilation when spraying in rooms

Adequate ventilation must be guaranteed for the removal of the solvent vapours.

Safety regulations / General view of application

Suction installations

These are to be set-up by the user of the unit according to local regulations.

Earthing of the object

The object to be coated must be earthed.

Cleaning units with solvents

When cleaning the unit with solvents, the solvent should never be sprayed or pumped back into a container with a small opening (bunghole). An explosive gas/air mixture can be produced. The conDanger tainer must be earthed.

Cleaning the unit

Danger of short circuit through penetrating

Never spray down the unit with high-pressure

Danger or high-pressure steam cleaners.

Socket on unit

Only carry out damp cleaning in the area of the socket and the multifunction switch when the mains plug is removed.

Work or repairs on the electrical equipment

Only have this work carried out by a qualified electrician.

No liability will be taken for incorrect installation.

Working on electrical components

Remove the mains plug from the socket for all such

Setting-up on uneven surfaces

The front side of the unit must point downwards to prevent sliding away. (fig. 1)

2. General view of application


All painting jobs in the workshop and on the building site, small and large-area dispersion work with the spray gun or internally fed Airless roller, corrosion and fire protection.

Examples of object of spraying

Doors, door frames, balustrades, furniture, wooden cladding, fences, radiators (heating) and steel parts, internal ceilings and walls, and also faades, basement garages, fire and noise protection for steel and wooden construction.

Coating materials

Processible coating materials

Pay attention to the Airless quality of the coating materials to be processed.

Dilutable lacquers and paints or those containing solvents, two-component coating materials, dispersions, latex paints, faade paints, roof and attic coatings, fire and corrosion protection material.

No other materials should be used for spraying without WAGNERs approval.

In spite of the suction filter, the insertion filter in the spray gun and the high-pressure filter obtainable as accessory, filtering of the coating material is to be recommended in general.

Stir coating material before commencement of work.

Super Finish 27 31

Description of unit

Attention: Make sure, when stirring up with motor-driven agitators that no air bubbles are stirred in. Air bubbles disturb when spraying and can, in fact , lead to interruption of operation.

With this unit it is possible to process highly viscous coating materials of up to around 25.000 mPas.

If highly viscous coating materials cannot be taken in by suction, they must be diluted in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. of the diaphragm. The coating material flows under high pressure through the high-pressure hose to the spray gun. The coating material is atomised when flowing out of the tip.

The pressure regulating valve (4) controls the operating pressure and the quantity of the conveyed coating mate